Update is not too bad

We all have seen the changes in behaviour, increased agressiveness, more accurate, very long range attacks. Well this is not too bad this is what it feels to crank it up to pure maximum, now we got to see what needs to removed, what needs to be tweaked and what must stay.

Most of the changes to how the machines behave around the player are great, reinforcements, nearby machines getting closer to investigate, long range attacks with missiles and snipers. Sincerely i would only reduce the speed of rockets right now to something like pre update, maybe a lil faster than that. I think this game is not intended to be a CoD type of shooter, this one is much slower, it makes you observe what is out there and if it is worth risking your resources for certain fights, it oblies you to be much more cautious.

Making some tweaks to this update can be a heavy improvement, just this needs polishing, something like this.

Right now there are 4 tiers of enemies: Prototype, Military, Fnix and Apocalypse. Except some little cases they all are the same, only a few weapons are different that’s it. Maybe their health too. I can tell that a Fnix tank is tougher than a Prototype one, but what if we could keep different behaviours for each class, and get that even further for rivals.

  • Prototype class: Pre update damage, range, etc they are suposed to be like a “beta” for testing before release, so we should expect them to be quite soft and unaccurate.

  • Military class: here we have the final product ready to work for the army, better accuracy long range attacks higher reload speed, etc.

  • Fnix class: modifications designed by Fnix himself with better weapons, most effective accuracy.

  • Apocalypse class: I doubt if this one would be a subclass of the military one wih NBQ purposes or a new thing made by Fnix. They would have military class stats, but they deal a greater punch due to poison ammo, also they got other types of guns to use.

  • Rivals: instead of a copy paste enemy with more HP and a different name, it would be really interesting to see an RNG enemy, we could end up with a harvester armed with flamethrowers.

Long range missile attacks are what went south on this one, they are too fast but not too far. Come on guys we are talking about huge machines with computer calculated trajectories for missiles, they can fire them more than 20 meters away.

Hope you are having a nice day.


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