US Weapon Pack 2

There is the announcement:

But where is the info what exactly is included?

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Thank you bowi.
Is there any info about that part?

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Not that I know of. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Attachments and more” probably just means the extended mags for the COM and S21 and any ammo varieties for the G79.

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I hope we can finally get some in game lore for this one. Would be better than just “yeah so you found them randomly”

Apparently, the weapons will just appear in your plundra, unless there’s more to the following tweet:

I think we shouldn’t expect a robust and all-encompassing lore in this game, and I’m fine with this.

If the weapons and attachments are of good quality (animations, sound design, VFX, etc.), I think the DLC is good value for firearm fans.

lore and story has always been a important part of the game. The weapon packs is the first real outside help (aside from that time the soviets sent suicide mission in the base game), and considering how important that is in the context of the story, its feels so wasted and less impactful when it’s random store page lore. I’m not expecting some big mission, but something that presents them in a usefull way.

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Let’s hope the S21 is better then the Kotenok lol


What about it? (I don’t own those packs, yet.)

The Kotenok is about as powerful a 1c Meusser. This is the 5c Kotenok btw.


Even with shock ammo it doesn’t do to much but it seems to not attract attention from near by machines. I have taken down hunters, one at a time, and they still not go into combat. Also there is a lighthouse on the island that you destroy just runners with their poisonous gas that you can take them out one at a time and never once get gassed. No other rifle has done that.

The kotenok is actually less powerful than the Meusser, because its not one shot one kill when firing agaist the Runners red fuel cannisters (which you can do with the Meusser).

Bowi i recommend that you buy the first american dlc weapons, the N60 is one of the best weapons you can use ingame, and the Handgun is useful and has a “cool” animation.
The N16 is ok, but its just like any of the other assault rifles.

I own the Soviet dlc but honestly never use them.
The assault rifle has a magazine with low ammo count (20 per magazine)
The Kotenok is HORRIBLE.
The RGL7 is the same has the other rocket launcher.

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No. There is only one ammo type for the rgl7. But it is fast and you can use its scope to zoom on targets.

Yes, ok. Idk the exact number, but it’s low. The damage is quite ok and it is always surpressed.

I tried to play it for a while. It’s ok but not what you would expect as a sniper rifle for. In a shooter I normally expect just to place a few precise shots to kill an enemy. To kill it. A human or an animal. But our enemies are machines. And if I need an almost complete magazine from an exp ag4 for a military hunter I can’t expect to destroy it just with a few shots from an other weapon with the same caliber just because it is a sniper rifle.

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To get a little back on topic, I would really like the Devs spend more time on fixing all the new and old broken bits of the game and AFTER those are addressed then we get more new features.


If you use shock ammo with the Kotenok, it is great.

I agree. Hopefully other people like you and I mentionned that in the survey.

I just finished playing for 90 minutes and noticed weird things, as usual: floating medkits, or the Björknäs area having a Meusser Hunting Rifle, but no checklist to warn me about it… Those kind of inconsistencies are immersion-breaking, IMHO. :man_shrugging: I guess playing AAA titles from Naughty Dog and Kojima spoiled me. :laughing:

The RGL7 is more powerful than the Charlie G. Not by much, but enough, and it has a x2 sight, which makes it a lot better! The Kotenok is great if you load shock ammo. The assault rifle is effectively in place of the SMG and the extended mag takes it to the same round count as the AG4 (33 rounds). Enough at close range.


Well… if the weapon models are as bad as the ones from the 1st US weapons pack then I’ll miss out on that again… :man_shrugging: We’ll see…

Well…anyone got any formed opinions yet? So far the only complaint I’ve seen Is that the S21 has iron sights that are sorta difficult to aim with

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