Vanishing ammo!


Platform: PS4

Description: Shortly after finding the 7.62 assault rifle I stepped outside the entrance to the bunker that I used to enter initially only to find the robots respawned, I fired a few shots with the assault rifle then hit reload and sprinted back into the doorway - no reload animation and only showed the ammo left in the magazine - no numbers showing at all for reserve ammo. I looked in my inventory to discover all the reserve ammo had disappeared. I tried to fast travel while in the bunker but couldn’t.

Steps To Reproduce: Ammo is so painfully scarce in this game I dare not try and reproduce. However, moments before the engagement I had moved the reserve ammo stack from the bottom row to the 3rd row just to organise and I dropped a flare to free up space. Also those hovering pulsing robots seem to keep scanning me even though they’re outside and I’m walking around below ground - seems to slow the PS4 down and gets darn annoying. Plus I can’t fast travel even though I’m not actually in combat.

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: one

Specifications: standard PS4 with a 1tb laptop hhd installed - normal working flawlessly

I know this is a known bug but has now rendered the game useless for me. Took ages to acquire the 7.62 ammo and I don’t know how to get more. I fast travelled to other safehouses but nothing seems lootable again even though it’s been many hours since I was there.

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