Vehcle suggestion

Bicycles are cool, but wouldn’t an electric dirt bike be even cooler?

What i’m suggesting is a craftable electric dirt bike. It’d be quiet, faster than a bicycle, have decent range, and be able to tackle all sorts of terrain. required materials for crafting could be: Steel, Rubber, Plastic, Car Battery EMP, a small fuel cell, and a new “lamps” item that you can only salvage from a tank. You could have different variants (regular, enthusiast, and military), and maybe have different perks for them, like the regular one is just fast, while the enthusiast trades a little bit of speed, for a 360-degree single-use EMP burst, and maybe the military one is just as fast as the regular one, but also has a forward-mounted (fires where you steer) SMG, for defense.

You’d need to refuel it when it runs out (just replace the fuel cell), and it would use whatever mechanism the machines use to convert fuel to electricity.

I think this would be a pretty cool addition to the game, and really help with mobility. Plus, they’d look so much more badass than bicycles.

What do you guys think?

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