Veronika Nilsson's birthday mixtape?

i went to the exact coordinates on the wiki and it says theres a white car infront of a garage, there is no white car infront of the garage, but there is a white car at the side of the garage that has a tarp over it and cannot be accessed, the mixtape is nowhere to be found. any help is appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

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YouTube is your friend here. Skip to about 5:08 on this video for that mixtape’s location. It worked for me after Landfall, at least.

thank you! never thought of looking on youtube haha

oh, i looked at the video and the two cars that are in the video aren’t there anymore.

I guess it’s like the HEDP Schematic situation then. Are you sure the tape isn’t still floating there? I remember after Landfall there was a collectable floating in the air in an area that used to have a building.

i looked, nothing there, no car, no collectable. :frowning: guess ill have to submit a bug report and hope its fixed for next patch

I found it. The Tape is in the brown house not far from the white car location.

New Coords are known…