Vesslan Bunker, Red door not opening after power on

I’m in Vesslan Command Bunker.
I activated power, did the whole bunker (side mission and all (=> radio, shack inside bunker), yet, the red powered door in the huge stocking room won’t open

It’s been locked since the games inception. It’s more than likely going to be used in the future at some point for something in specific, for now it’s not a bug that it remains locked, like most locked doors ie; normyrra artilery/certain bergrum locations and the sort.

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Oh, I had the idea it used to be open from my earlier save?
Probably confused with another bunker then.
My bad, then, thank you. :slight_smile:

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More than likely! Though, i am really stoked to see what the team will put in these locked locations down the road :slight_smile:

I know this is a pretty old forum, but i was playing gen zero about two weeks ago and all of a sudden the dirt collision just disappeared and i kept falling through specifically dirt in the game, and since i was interested in what was behind the red door i used this to my advantage and managed to glitch in the room, or should i say multiple rooms, behind the door, i have a xbox game clip if you are interested, but it’s just a copy and past of the bunks in the bunkers, there is a cafeteria, and lots of doors, there is actually loot behind it too. If you have a xbox account, i can send you the clips of proof. Overall, there isn’t really anything exciting behind the door and you’re not missing much.

  1. If you’re going to report falling through the ground, the right topic for that is here: Falling Through the Ground
  2. Do not discuss game glitches in here.

Topic closed. :lock: