Vesslan Command Bunker | 1/3 Weapons


Hello everyone,

I am curious to know if anyone has 100% Vesslan Command Bunker in the new update. In my multiple playthroughs in the past there has only ever been 1 weapon at Vesslan, but now there are apparently 3 weapons though only the original 1 can actually be found?

Responses appreciated,
~ Vatruvius

Vessian bunker locked door

Same here but I did not bother looking that hard for those two.
There are a few new places with weapon locs, some very hard to find.
Stora/lilla Hagbo i didnt find them all either. figured it might be locked to promote lockpicking earlygame and just left it for now.
Skogsbo I must have looked through 10 times (might be on the inaccessible upper floor…?)

edit found them all except for the bunker now so atleast they are there… :wink: The 2 new ones must be behind the locked door in the bunker.


There is a camp on the mountain towards the southeast end from bunker, the other two guns are both there, found them last night


yeah there is a new camp way down below the bunker(by the white circle on the screenshot straight south of player) with 1 shotgun on ground and one magnus in a locked box. None of them counted towards the bunkers missing guns.


Sorry my bad, was going from memory, the camp is just South of the Skogsvik jetty north of the bunker


where my character is on screen shot, that’s where other two guns can be found


Yeah youre right, the 2 weapons in the other new small camp by the beach counted towards the bunkers missing guns.


Could you help me a little with Skogsbo? I’m slowly losing my mind trying to find this one, it doesn’t have to be exact place, but if you could guide me - is it house or outside?


inside, under something.


Huh, this means I’m either blind or it’s a bug xd I literally cannot find it inside.


I did manage to find a Algstudsare rifle at the location below, however, I am still missing one weapon.

Edit: I found the third weapon, a pistol on the ground under some leaves behind the cadaver reaching for the backpack. It is pretty hard to see.


Neither can I. Looked under EVERYTHING. No fun.


As a side note, if you picked up any weapons in multiplayer they will not be there in singleplayer. Neither will the game update and say you found all the weapons. You are forever unable to 100% a location at the moment.


Confirmed. Thanks to you guys! I was going crazy looking in the bunker for these weapons. Also the pistol is nearly impossible to make out against the background


The three I found were 1: Algstudsare Rifle in the new camp, .44 Magnus in the area with the locked safe (inside the safe), Automatgevar 4 in the bunker command area (with the warboard) :grin: I had no problems with the .44 magnus not showing as one of the weapons (it was 2/3). :smile:

Edit: my mistake :frowning: the .44 magnus showed as weapon 2/3 and when I left and returned it showed 2/3 again so I ran to the camp (above the Skogsvik Jetty) and found a 9mm pistol. On the plus side I got to 100% for Vesslan! :grin: Now if I can avoid more oops :smirk: Have fun! :laughing:


Skogsbo - searched the house million times like crazy and during the last session we found a 9mm pistol under ammo box on the floor in the kitchen.


Hey there,

i’m experiencing the same issues both with guns and collectibles.

While i can deal with this somehow, the disappearance of already obtained main and side missions within savegames after joining MP sessions is the true game breaker.


Here is the last weapon location for people struggling :call_me_hand:t2:


Thank you very much :slight_smile: !!


If you highlight the ammo box in kitchen, and move the highlight a little bit it should highlight the pistol under the box.