🚨 vintovka 1891 (not dropping)

Currently reports that the 5 crown version is not dropping from the loot pool. If anyone gets one - please flag it here, but general overview is that it’s currently not available.

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I would have to concur. I have a 4 crown one dropped by a Firebird but after farming dozens of tanks of all types I am not seeing any Vintovka’s drop at all.

The machine pistol seems to be reluctant to drop as well.

Same here, getting the LMG almost exclusively, at least a dozen 5 star LMGs so far, are the drops related to player level?

Drops arent related to your level.

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Same here. Four 5c LMG’s and 3 5c pistols so far.

I have only seen one pistol drops so far, do you remember which enemy you got it from?

Hunters drop pistols and the extended magazine
Harvesters drop the Skorpion and the extended magazine (rarely).
Tanks drop the LMG and it’s magazine
I assume tanks drop the Mosin but that is not happening at all (dev’s apparently aware). I got a 4c Mosin from a Spetsnatz Firebird.

I am currently finding harvesters are rarely dropping any weapons/attachments. Tanks have the same issue, just no where near as bad.

Today I went a round around himfjäll.
Got 2 5c ext magazines (pistol and skorpion) and a 5c LMG.

That were the first few new items (from the dlc) for me since tuesday.

Can you send a shot of the 4c one you got please - if the Firebird was the drop - then that’s the best shot.

It would also make sense what with the “Eastern European” theme coming from a Soviet machine. But that’s a big reach at this point.

4c has been confirmed :white_check_mark:

Tenebris has a review video - it seems from the comments that Spetsnaz Firebird can drop 5C as well…

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences! I’ve talked to the team, and I can now tell you that the 5C Vintovka only drops from the Rank C Firebird. The drop rate for it is also very low, and it might take you up to 200 tries before one of them drops. So, at this time, it does look like it’s working as intended.


Outstanding P - thank you very much for the clarity

Then I was truly very lucky to get the 4c rifle then!

I posted a video on Discord and the Official Generation Zero FB group

I hope it’s planned on changing that drop, That is beyond rare compared to any other dlc gun in that pack or in the game in general.


I hunted down and destroyed a rival Firebird C in a hope to get this holy grail. But nope.

Did get an Experimental KVM59 and 5c KVM59 from the loot pool after downing it.

Since this isn’t a bug, I’ll close this report now, and adjust the title a bit.


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