Wages of Fear Mission Issue (No map icon for "Talk To Calle" objective)

Platform: PC

Description: So I recently added the new DLC FNIX Rising. I was in the process of completing the mission “Wages of Fear”. I managed to get to the long part where you have to provide cover to uncle Calle while he drives a truck right after passing and hacking the supercomputers. The thing is that the truck got destroyed by the robots. So I expected to re-do the whole mission again. The game provides the option to select the mission once again but the actual mission icon is nowhere to be found on the map. The same goes for Calle and the truck. The game keeps telling me “Talk to Calle”. If you go back to Mullvadsberget Tunnels the game won’t provide any option to retake the mission. And the truck is nowhere to be found.

Steps To Reproduce: Play the mission “Wages of Fear”. Let the robots destroy the truck right after passing/hacking the FNIX supercomputers. Once the mission is lost, try to re-do the mission. There will be no means to actually take the mission once again since the truck won’t respawn and the mission icon won’t show on the map.

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Specifications:Windows 10 Pro 1903 - i5 8400 - MSI Z370 SLI - EVGA RTX 2080 Super FTW3 Hybrid - XPG 32GB 2400Mhz DDR4

I had the same issue as you. When I played the truck got destroyed after passing Sillavik Church. Turns out, it had respawned there. It’s possible the truck respawns after taking to Calle, check along the road to see if it’s there.

You were right. Moments after posting this I decided to double-check the whole road just in case. Turns out the truck in fact spawns here. It’s weird though that it never displayed any markers/icons at all in my case. The only time it actually worked was when I fast travelled to Fiskebak and worked my way to the church.

I’m glad you were able to work it out. I’m going to go ahead and put this on my list, it’s watched by the devs and contains the most common issues so hopefully we’ll see a fix to this in the near future.

This thread will be the collection thread for this issue from now on. If the same issue gets posted again, I’ll merge it with this one.

Hey @Jimq18 and @Zesiir :wave:

This issue (No map icon for the “Talk To Calle” objective) has been reproduced in-house and a ticket for sorting this out has been created.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

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