Walk and sprint are slower then intended by game

i just bought the game on steam and i cant seem to walk as fast as other players. no im not overencumberd. my teammate had this same problem and his just went away with no discernable reason why.
any solutions?

There is a skill for higher running speed which can be leveled up with up to two skillpoints.

i dont have any points in that. neither does he.
any solutions?

I don’t know how it’s looking like in your case.
Why do you think that you’re slower as intended? Can you give some examples or maybe provide a screencapture for prove?

There is just few that affects running speed:

  • the mentioned skills
  • if you’re overencumbered
  • if you’re out of stamina

Why because its a bug that 2 people have had. do you have discord?

No, not me, but maybe others here.

then i cant share videos with you. however. i cant keep up with my teammate while sprinting and they are holding binoculars walking away from me.

No possibility to upload it on youtube to share it here?

I really have no idea what else could be wrong with your character or game.

mb set your resolution to 1280x720.

( Pause, Settings, Display, Screen Resolution )

I never did that when the first time the issue dissipated. Is this a guaranteed fix?

Surely not.
How can you expect a guaranteed fix for something you even weren’t able to describe documentated?

That’s also why he wrote “mb” (maybe).

I guess what ProCaptainAJ is trying to help for goes into a direction of framerate issues.
So… Is your character running slow or is your game running slow?

GZ tends to play out slower on slower PCs, especially on the lower lower end (barely minimum specs or below).

In multiplayer it looks like described in the first post.

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I was just about to ask if this could be a processing issue (perhaps minor lag spikes contributing to the seemingly random speed changes, too?)

unfortunately, very few things will ever be a guaranteed fix. That applies to just about everything from tech to cooking, as there are so many factors that could be contributing to what you’ve experienced that may not be bug related.

One thing does come to mind though, I believe you mentioned you were playing on PC. Have you checked to make sure that, not only are the drivers you have installed are up to date, but that you have exactly the right drivers for your specific hardware? The effects that an out of date, or incorrect, driver can vary, and make sure to check them all. Some symptoms may arise from something that is seemingly unaffiliated with what you’d expect, so while it is tempting to just check those for what you’d expect, you should check everything.

I sometimes experience rubber-banding when in multiplayer, which gives the impression that other players are moving faster. They’re actually moving at normal speeds, but there’s a delay in processing their movements, so the game “catches-up” to where they really are and causes a visual anomaly of them moving much faster.
One way to test this is to have a race:
Ensure you’ve both at the same level of unlocked running skills. Each of you take turns by starting from the exact same point, walk/run in a straight line and finish at the same point roughly 100m away. Time it yourself with your own timer (or just use a clock and start at a given time), and see how long it takes to make it to the end. This will eliminate any errors due to latency and/or the game’s net code. If there’s a substantial difference in outcome then there might be a bug, otherwise it’s just a by-product of latency.

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Here’s the extreme version:

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Oh my god!
Looks like a really bad synchronisation / latency.

I described it to you. Apparently you are choosing to ignore my words without video proof. The character is slow. The game is fine.

Not random speed changes. It has been a consistent issue that 2 different pcs had and without any changes the issue dissipated on one of them without any discernible reason.

A race as a test? Sure. However we have trekked across the map from the starting pier to the vesslan bunker and along the way I have tested my speed to the person who had the same issue as me. Their walking speed while ads is faster then my sprint on a consistent basis.