Was there an old "holy hand grenade" in Gen Z?

I have seen a few images and mentions of a holy hand grenade but I am not very sure it exists as I only started playing Generation Zero a few months before the inventory system changed so if this does exist is it still even in the game or at least still in the files or something like that?

Yes. But it no longer works. They’ve removed the model from the game.

I still have it in my Plundra but can no longer equip it as the model doesn’t even show.


Ive been playing since release more or less, and have never come upon one. Ive even bought the DLCs and they don’t feature one either. So, unless they add one later (one that works, that is) I think it’s safe to say it’s not in the game.

It was in the game, I have 2 in my Plundra, but the model stopped appearing a good while ago.

Dang. They should have kept that.

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From linked Obi’s topic:


so the holy hand grenaide… was a placeholder . it accidently got included in a build release, when it was not ment to. monty python is very funny and a dev had it in there as a joke. it was never meant to reach the public and im sure wont be back . even though it did no damage , at the time the forums exploded with the timing of the throw … https://youtu.be/xOrgLj9lOwk

When the grenade was thrown does anyone know if it just blew up like a normal grenade or did it have a custom sound?

Not in the initial build release but in the May '19 update. The screen i shared were taken 31st May '19 and i remember a time before that, where grenades weren’t overlapped with Holy Handgrenades.

Nothing like that unfortunately. There was mention from the devs’ that, like the film, you had to hold it and count to three (no more, no less) but I suspect they were just trolling us. I don’t know anyone who got them to do anything much. So I just kept mine.

If I recall correctly the devs said that they just added the model in for fun, as a small easter egg. They never worked like regular grenades, unfortunately.

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