We got motorcycles, now we need cars

So while I’m at it I’ll just present another idea to you.
This one has also been requested quite alot - cars. One of the newer updates introduced motorcycles to us and I gotta say, they are truly amazing. Its so much fun to ride around the world of Generation Zero collecting stuff and fighting your way thru machines waves. Thats were cars come into play:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to drive a classic car thru the swedish landscape? I’ll just list you some reasons why cars should be added:

  • very immersive and more fun than fast travelling
  • they could act as mobile storage bases (that makes looting more fun in late game)
  • they could add more missions like: fix a car and drive it to the resistance base or get a car, stick explosives to it and drive into the next FNIX outpost.
  • you could maybe customize your car by repainting it or attaching armor and guns to it (adds more playtime and a rewarding reason for endgame players to keep playing)
  • its just FUN

Now I understand when people say that cars don’t fit into Generation Zero’s atmosphere or Story. But you don’t have to use them. You don’t even have to buy the DLC. You can still get around using fast travel or by foot. But when looking at the amount of people that wanted vehicles in the first place, cars as well, I’d confidentely say that there are enough players still wanting cars in the game. Of course this would be a paid DLC. I’d price it at about 10$ to 15$.

If you want to know more about cars in Generation Zero then I would recommend looking into previous feature requests. This post should just remember you about the general idea.

Please excuse my bad english (I’m from germany)
Thank you for reading - have an awesome day!

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I used to be of the same opinion, but I do have to counter it with a question. Would you want to be the guy taking care of the complaints coming in for everyone and their cousin being pissed because they dropped the car into a ditch and can’t get it out, or got it stuck between two trees and can’t get out, or flew off the edge of the crater out by the airport and now is unable to drive out?

Loved your German weapons pack idea, but have to say that this one I don’t think would fly. That being said, keep the ideas coming, I’d be very interested in hearing any other ideas you have. That German pack and the Doomsday class are extremely awesome ideas, so don’t let my criticism here sour your mood.

And besides,

what’s more fun than watching a friend go flying over the handle bars and slide on their butt for 20 meters?

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Shit happens… And that’s a funny part of GZ (in coop). If it’s stuck or broken, get out of it and take a new one.

I still would love useable cars in GZ… But with some 'but’s.

Primary usage:

faster moving, not fighting

We are teenagers. We’re almost alone. We walk around with nothing but our t-shirt and a weapon. We want to know what happened, but still want to safe our lives. What would you do, if you find a car? Yes, try to start it. It’s faster than our feet, thicker than our t-shirt and stronger than our bat.
Ok, maybe the robots pay more attention on an old and loud swedish car, but that’s something we’ll learn when we become more experienced.

And, it’s not excluded, we can still use it for combat. You may ram a robot, or if you team up with some other survivors, they could shoot out of the car.

But remember… It’s still just a car, not a tank.

  • It can break easily,
  • it’s used to get used on roads and
  • turning takes time. (turn in three moves,…)

How it should work in general:

Use what you get, don't get what you want.

There are many cars around. Some for 4 passengers, some for 2, and even trucks. Why don’t use them? Well, they are broken, but with a car repair kit we could make them able to get started.

Well, “some” changes are necessary. No more lootboxes on the seats of useable cars for example.

The other option, spawning useable cars at the vehicle stations, would be a bad idea.

Entering a car could work by pressing square after you opened a door. Repairing and refueling could work by pressing R3 and selecting the needed option (would even be better for motorbikes in my opinion). You could even select a shared car-inventory by pressing R3. There you could temporarly store items if you’re overencumbered.

And to think further on, it could provide an upgrade option to install additional armor for example. But this should be part of special crafting skills (earn skill points by repairing and using cars, unlock skills for upgrading cars).

Car skills

Those skills, like written above, could work like the crafting skills, without a need to change the skill tree.
There could be skills for faster repair, less fuel consumption, less crafting costs and upgrade-skills, like an additional fuel tank for greater distances, other wheels/suspension for better use off roads, exhaust silencers for less noise, additional armor and maybe others.

Last, but not least, some images for your mind.

A truck story

Imagine you’re in a town and want to leave fast, because there are too many robots incoming. You and your team sneak to the next fuel station: there often are cars. And there is fuel.

You decide to take a truck. While one mate repairs it, the others cover him. Finally you finished and enter the truck. One as a driver, one as codriver who keeps an eye on the map and navigates to the next safehouse/objective, and two enter the back.

You start driving. It is slow in acceleration and noisy, but powerful. Soon a horde of runners start chasing you while others try to stop you by blocking the road. You keep driving and ram through the barrikade. Some runners get destroyed, while the others jump by side and join the pursue.

Now the two players in the back open the doors and start firing at the runners behind you…

And to show/express the negative side of cars…
… While one is watching the map and two are covering the back, suddenly the driver cries out loud: “Fuuu**!” A fnix tank stands on the road. It turns towards your direction and starts firing a missile salvo. You try to dodge them, but the truck isn’t as agile in full speed, so you get hit directly into the face.

Now choose what sounds best.

  1. The truck is damaged critically, you jump out of it (at full speed) and die, while your passengers didn’t realize what happened as fast… The truck rams the tank and explodes. The tank now is damaged critically, too. You take an adrenaline shot, stand up and start finishing the tank. In the meantime your passengers, as they were still in the truck when it exploded, just have the option to respawn at a safehouse.

  2. Bam. The truck explodes. No revive, just respawn at a safehouse. You wish you have had the skill/time to upgrade the trucks armor. Shit happens, but it was fun to experience.

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What cars whould you like then?

It really depends on how many cars the Devs would like to add. At first we could stick to the regular Volvo you can already find. Later they could add expansion packs with european cars. For example a Land Rover 88 Series III or the Wolga GAZ-24.

I think only the volvo whoulf fit in the world

It’s very likely that driveable vehicles like cars won’t ever be in the game due to technical limitations, but also because the world isn’t big enough for them yet.

Should we read anything into the use of the word “YET” in that statement?

EDIT: is it a hint the map could get expanded!

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I can neither confirm nor deny that. We’ll just have to wait and see.

The devs currently have no plans on expanding the playable area, as has been said many times
on stream.

How About Helicopters, ??? !

No, too small and limited world.
There are reasons why we can’t swim and have no boats. Same counts for flying.

While I think the “too small world” explanation fits against aircrafts, it doesn’t fit against cars. Why is the world too small for cars, but ok for motorbikes? In my imagination (see somewhere above) motorbikes would still be faster.

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the world is too small

Maybe play DayZ or DayZmod instead ? Herre gud, Helicopters…

Btw, as far as I read the world of GZ is bigger than:

  • far cry 4
  • gta5
  • watch dogs
    as examples…

And there are cars. Well, air crafts, too, but they wouldn’t fit to GZ. Just see all the downed vraken.

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Here’s the difference. Look at the physics in GZ for the bicycles. If you had a car and hit the wrong bump, you’d fly from the farmlands out into the ocean north of the marshlands. Far cry, GTA and other games with vehicles have built their stuff to involve the vehicle. Considering all the insanity I’ve seen and experienced with the bicycles, not even getting into the motor cycles, I’d say that is a request that sounds reasonable on the surface, but the reality is all the reasons not to is a metaphorical lake that’s a kilometer deep in comparison.

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eh car will be a big problem bec of new robots coming and firebird and you will have a lot of trouble get up hill with it

Sorry, forgot to answer you.
My last post just was a counter argument against “the world of GZ is too small for cars”.

I just can’t see this happening at present, maybe this is balanced by the uncertainty of where the game is heading , it’s a bit of a limbo time for me, however still drop in game, after breaks you realise the huge potential still 🫡

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Honestly I love the idea of having a mobile storage and that’s a really cool idea, but something like an 80 series landcruiser or a buggy would be awesome to have a 4 door that you and your mates could cruise around in, maybe even have armour and weapon customisation or dare I even say a frame customisation, like a mobile storage or a tray with a gun on it or even a bike rack that you could take 2 dirt bikes or something with man idk but I love the idea and I think it would be awesome fun to have a proper car

Facts bro like legit, and the rest of u just need to stop sooking like just don’t use them, easy as that, just legit dont use them, but u don’t have to have a cry about it and ruin it for the people who actually want cars