We need a reset of single missions


Hello developer we need a reset of single missions, i can not finish uttern and flyhing objects.

Posable buton or way to reset current mission

Mission bugs are known issues, if your save pre-dates the April update, you will have 50% chance of some missions bugging out, while saves later than that dont have most of said issues.


Sir Cl4p1t from Discord asked me to post this here in his name:

“Ive had a game crash and messes up the mission, even break the mission chain, or just doesn’t trigger correctly, or even not at all.
So can an option to reset the mission be an affective way to be able to quickly fix a mission?”


DANG, I just noticed the post was over a year old!
I forgot to chck the date of last post.
Considering many had posted about this, recently even, i figured this was a recent post.

My sincere apologies!

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So basically sometimes the game crashes and meses up the mission you are on it just doesn’t trigger correctly. So it would be a affective way to be able to quickly fix a mission insted of not be able to play for acuple of months so a optional thing like a buton or option to reset a mission is a good idea


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Thank you, miss.
Much appreciated.


I want a reset option too.
Replaying them and having the guarding enemies respawn would add more interest and replayability to the game.

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Well, one replayability system is: delete save file.
Another would be: delete all characters (which allows you to keep your plundra).

Having a single mission as replayable, seems a tad odd to me?

Note, I do NOT mean a mission reset for a somehow corrupted mission.
That’s a separate issue from replayability!!!



Come on man, I said something simple, delete save is deleting EVERYTHING, Hundreds of other games have replay mission option.
That´s it, there is no confusion here.
If I wanted to delete something I would do it, I would not make anyone loose their time reading or commenting about it.


Sorry, all I said was: when someone would speak of replayability, I do not think of one or two missions… :frowning:

No need to get angry here, sir.


Being assertive is different of being angry :wink:


AHA, yes, interpretation of text…

Still seems a wee odd, sir, to me to have only a few select missions to replay…

I would, without exception, begin overnew.
But, that’s me, of course. :slight_smile:
To each his own, sir.


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I, for one, would love to have a 2nd try for “The Resistance” mission. While i did it on the 1st try, i’m not that pleased with my performance with it and like to rectify it, for my own peace of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


AHA, good point right there, miss…
I did not think of that one.


As @Aesyle said, I believe many others think the same way.
Either for XP or farming purposes, or just to have fun replaying missions using different weapons and tactics.
Having the ability after finishing the game to replay any mission, without having to delete save data or begin from scratch would be really appreciated.
That is all, I hope one day this is implemented in the game :wink: .


I absolutely agree with you @Mr_A1992. The game needs the ability to reset missions. It’d make the game so much better.

Not just to fix bugs, but also just for the ability to replay them. Because personally, I already know now, once I’ve finished up the main missions and then gone through all the DLCs, without an objective to follow or complete, my interest won’t last long.

Maybe they could also create a sort of New Game+ mode? Where your story and map progress restarts but you keep your inventory, skill level, or both.


That could easily solve if mission reset code is too complicated. Usually NG+ is always a great alternative and easier to code,… I think (since most games do this w/o quest resets).


OR… or… or… a game ++ Extreme Mortallity ++ that lets you keep nothing… XD

Now, what i understood from game+ is a much harder mode, sorrect?


Not necessarily. For very few games it is. What it does is resets the story of the game and allows you to keep all level/skill progression and items from your previous game. Most people do however at that time, set it to a more difficult setting to experience the game a bit harder from the starting missions since you have everything already.