Weapon augmentation disappeared


While sorting through inventory, all augmentation on weapons except for the kvm 89 5* and Pansar 90 5* lost all the augmentations. That is 14 weapons augs lost. Many gold augmentations.

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another glitch ive found, putting weapons with augmentations in companion and putting back separately, will cause you to lose augmentations

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maybe it’s just a PS4 thing

have’s EMP detonation gives me X button prompt

@Echelons-4th-Spy Don’t communicate cheats on the forums. That will only earn you a warning.



it was a joke :wink: there is no Konami code, but im assuming it will be patched in the next update, lol

Same here. All augmentations dissipated - except one weapon.

I might have that one weapon in my inventory all the time, rest of weapons were in and out out of storage boxes.

PS5, single player game.

This still happens sometimes on pc with the latest patch. Sometimes when you continue augmentations are gone from all equipped weapons and the weapons are nolonger equipped, attachments also need to be reapplied

yeah this has been happening to me and it’s interesting to see it has been happening to other people I’m playing on PC though and I’m not dealing with this.

it has been happening with a few weapons? when I put them in the stash box? then they lose their augmentation, it wasn’t too bad? it was like tier 1 and Tier 2 augmentation.

but one of my weapons… my favorite! weapon just lost two! gold! augmentation! it had on it.

I’m not dealing with this, I will now start using mods to just fix this issue by giving me all the resources I want on top of other things that I’m not dealing with anymore.

Do NOT Press The ( STORE ALL IN CATEGORY ) square button, its a nasty glitch