Weapon dissappear (Lost experimental shotgun)

I spent hours and worked really hard to get an experimental shotgun and I just logged in and put it in my safe box and it dissappeared! Is this a known issue? I’m so angry.

I’m sorry you lost it. If it’s any consolation, it’s a bonk shotgun that’s only useful for propping doors open.

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Oh really, I’m pretty new but thought it was something special. That does put me at ease a bit.

That weapons is quite effective in dealing damage (bird shots, hooray) as well as stunning enemies, if I am well informed.

However, it seems it drops rather frequently as compared to other Exp weapons. I already got 3 super shotties (two of them were the first I got), 3 exp Kpist, and 2 exp .50 cal. Let’s hope this is systematic and you’ll find one again soon!

Try using it, @pegnose. I haven’t found a use for it that isn’t already covered by existing weapons, besides using up birdshot. And since I’m drowning in buckshot, I don’t hunt loaded for bird.

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I think this goes roughly for the whole shotgun category in this game, I am afraid. I really like my pump with silencer and scope for taking out vermin around houses or in bunkers.

That said, bird shot has way more pellets and, hence, far superior damage with the Exp shotty.

EDIT: I’d say I can take down a FNIX hunter with the Exp shotty and bird shot faster than with my beloved purple AI-76. That plus the stun effect keeps you much safer and the need for aiming is vastly lower. It’s not bad and with a choke you don’t need to get in there that much. Still somehow it feels more satisfying to pump the hunter full of .762.

[…doing some testing…]

OK… so much for the THEORY!!!

Has this thing gotten nerfed? I remember this thing being super strong back then when I got it. I just couldn’t kill a single military hunter before his two buddies ripped me apart!

My apologies, @Flick, I was totally wrong. Bad shotty, bad.

We are sort of off-topic, btw.


It is definitely a glitch whenever I try to add an attachment to any shotgun the experimental shotgun shows up as a choice to attach it to, but still doesn’t show in my inventory :man_facepalming:
Jus t so your aware the reason I’m a bit peeved is because I’m only just finishing the starter islands and all my other weapons are dilapidated or good at best so a 6 star shotty was a dream come true for me.

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I get that. Sorry. You’re welcome to mine if you’re on steam.

Is this the same issue?

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The experimental shotgun is actually a pretty good tank killer. Load it with buckshots, run straight up to a tank and circulate while shooting at the head. The distraction effect when hit prevents the tank from using its self protection systems in an effective manner. You’ll bring down even an Apocalypse class tank pretty smoothly. :+1:t2:

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It could be to be honest, it all happened so quick I don’t quite know what happened. I had the experimental rocket launcher and shotty and dropped them then picked them back up and my shotgun just vanished but it still registers that I have it when attaching anything shotty related but it’s just nowhere to be seen! I’m on xbox by the way but I now have the experimental smg, assault rifle, handgun and rocket launcher so I’m pretty happy for now and I’m going through the early tanks pretty easy.

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@flick I really appreciate that but I’m on xbox.