Weapon locations Stenmyra and F23 Överby Underground Bunker

Does anyone know the exact weapon locations of these places?

I’m almost certain that I have already picked them up quite some time ago but the map shows 0/3 and 0/2 respectively. Of, course I checked the places thoroughly again but I can’t find any weapon.

I have a feeling that an update (probably even the October one) screwed up some of the counters.

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After the November update i also had at F23 airbase the 0/2 weapons when there were no weapons to be picked up…it sorted it out by itself.
I suggest exploring the underground base (again) or go into a multiplayer game session, maybe it will fix ?:thinking: .


In Stenmyra, at the end of “Emergency Supplies” side mission, you’ll get into the barn. There are 2x weapons on the shelf that should be the ones counting towards weapon count. Loc: -594, -4351.
Where the 3rd weapon was, i can’t recall at the moment. It could be the 5* m/49 that you get at the end of “The Bridge” main mission but it’s quite a bit of distance from Stenmyra’s center and may not count towards weapon loc counter.

In F23, at the end of “Flying Blind” main mission, you’ll end up at the gas filled weapons vault. There are 3x smaller vaults in there. Leftmost one holds .50 cal and middle one holds m/49. Those two should be the ones that count towards the area’s 0/2 weapon count. . Loc: -1400, 685.

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Are they not on this list?

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The two at F23 are but the two (or three) at Stenmyra aren’t. Also that list is good if you want to find specific weapon in specific quality. But OP’s issue is finding the weapon loc itself without any idea what kind of weapons they are.

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I have explored the airbase multiple times, including the gas chamber and all 3 vaults (they were also already unlocked when I checked). I definitely picked up everything there.

As for joining a multiplayer session … ugh. Could try but I’m hesitant with al those messages about DLC-achievements automatically unlocking etc. Still have to do that all.

I have definitely picked up that 5* m/49. I clearly remember that one (it’s one of the last missions I actually did). I just don’t remember if the counter went up.

Those other 2 weapons (3* Älgstudsare and 3* Sjöqvist) were actually there on the shelves so the counter is now up to 2/3. Obviously, I haven’t been thorough enough with my latest check runs. :grimacing:

However, considering the fact that you get into the barn at the end of the “Emergency Supplies” side mission (which I definitely completed, albeit quite a while ago), I still find it odd because they are seriously hard to miss in between all those other supplies. Also there were a lot of looted containers already which I couldn’t open. So maybe there is more going on in Stenmyra.

Well … I’m slightly confused. :thinking: But I’m pretty much convinced that more than the airbase counter alone got screwed up with one of the updates.

It would be nice if someone could tell for sure if the 5* m/49 counts toward the weapon counter. If not then there should be another location.

Anyways. Thanks a lot for the information. That was very helpful indeed :hugs:

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I am 99.99% sure the mission related weapon near the bridge does not count towards the Stenmyra weapons. I had cleared Stenmyra to my full satisfaction long before I did that bridge mission.

Incomplete map markers/counters are very prominent in my memory such as the one from Norrmyra base where I had believed for a long time that the last one missing was the gold Magnus from the arena entry I had lost due to a crash.

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But what exactly does “cleared to my full satisfaction” mean? :wink:
Does that mean that you have (or had) 3/3 weapons collected in Stenmyra? :smile:

I can’t remember having issues with other weapon counters other than a few suddenly (and still) showing doubled numbers (i.e. 4/2) after one of the earlier updates. Besides the new island I had everything else at 100%.


After a while of inactivity (in GZ that is) I checked it out again and the air base counter indeed seems to have fixed itself. It’s bacck at 2/2 No idea why, how or when exactly.

I also did another extensive inspection, in and around Stenmyra. I still haven’t found the third weapon. It’s either a bug or I’m getting too old for this “search every nook and cranny”-P :smiley::smiley: P … :crazy_face:

It would still be nice to know where that third weapon should be though.

Which weapons have you found at Stenmyra? have you checked all the barns ? i do not remember the correct spots because i found the weapons in November.

As stated above: :wink:

I have extensively visited every single building, shed, car, truck, container, rock, pick-nick table and the like in the vicinity in a very systematic way. Looking at my automated game save backup series, that last session lasted well over 3 hours (without any fights except an occasional Seeker).

It’s still very possible that I’m still just overlooking the thing but I’m at a loss at this moment.

Of course, it’s not even an achievement or something but there is a little guy inside of me that’s really curious and that simply can’t stand not being able to find that thing :smile::grimacing:

Just happened to come across 3rd weapon in Stenmyra. It could be the Kpist in the safe. It’s in the same barn as the other two weapons on the shelves are.


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You must be kidding me! Or better yet: -I- must be kidding me.

After so many hours, turning around every little twig and leaf in town, it was right there under my nose. I can’t believe I missed that safe. I just can’t believe it. It was literally right under my nose, for crying out loud!

Banging my head on the desk … and on my keyboard … and on the wall … and on the floor … and on the ceiling … :crazy_face:

Oh my goodness … I’m absolutely flabbergasted and I feel like an idiot :grimacing:

Well, it isn’t particularly good for my “self esteem” but I really appreciate that you thought of me when finding that weapon. Thank you for letting me know! Much appreciated! :smile:

I’m off … banging my head again, a couple of times, against something really heavy and solid … :crazy_face:

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You’re welcome. :+1: And i’m glad to help out. :smile:

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I’m aware of the fact is an old topic, but to me all or at least one of the last weapons at this locations are hard to find.

This thread is 4 years old and has very outdated information on weapon locations. I’d look somewhere else, and/or create a new post about it. Let this one sleep.