Weapon suggestion

I adore how weapons are in the game currently but there is at least one weapon/caliber that is for the most part completely useless after just an hour or two in game and that is the moller pp/.32 acp cartridge. My suggestion to make this caliber useful again would be a, sitll low damage machine pistol that could be equipped in the secondary slot. Would be a good alternative to the 9mm SMGs while still not being superior.

And what do you know one of those does exist in the vz 61 skorpion, a weapon whose design ended in the 50’s and was seen as far weas as ireland at least by '78. Maybe not the most period and setting appropriate weapon for generation zero but something like it would be useful to making .32 not just trash fodder.

In a similar vein both .243 and .270 become pretty useless once you have a decent quality pvg 90 and a supply of .50 bmg, especially if its the 6c version. So maybe a semi auto, or lever action, in one of those calibers would help make them useful as well. just random ideas from a firearm enthusiast/gunsmith/absolute fan of this game

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