Weapon Wheel Custom Key Bindings

As the name suggests, it would great if it were possible to create custom key bindings to the weapon wheel.

On PC it’s currently hardcoded from numbers 1-8 -which is a decent amount of options- however being forced to use numbers for meds and tools (which for me were previously bound to easily accessible keys and mouse buttons) is a far clumsier system that is less than ideal.

By allowing players to make custom key bindings (and controller bindings for console players) this allows players to utilise the wheel and controls at their whim, and doesn’t sacrifice the good work the devs have been doing.


I feel that having the healing/throwable items in the weapon wheel on console is cumbersome. While great for weapons, it seems like too many steps to heal or use an object. Those items were better used being bound to the 4 way directional buttons on a controller.

I don’t understand. Doesn’t the weapon wheel take just as long to switch a weapon than it is to switch to a medkit? So why is it great for weapon and not for other items?

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The weapon wheel is a slow way of equipping anything!

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Maybe I don’t mind the weapon wheel because I mostly play third person action games. :sweat_smile: I don’t play a lot of FPS games.

I support your idea to 100%. It would be great to fast switch with the key I want to use.

I don’t use controllers. So I have no idea.
How slow is it compared to (0.5 sec) a one-key-click?

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It is hard to follow. It seems the OP is talking about binding functions from the 1-8 number keys to other keys. Then it switched to binding functions to different buttons on the controllers. Guessing it started as a KB/M topic issue and is now a controller topic? Both about binding functions to different keys/buttons.

I read a comment on Facebook after the Hotfix that said, “…but it takes a good 3 seconds to change guns while running…”. So that’s indeed long compared to one key press, but is it true?

I think it could take between 0.5 to 3 seconds, yes. 0.5 seconds if the thing you want is in a cardinal slot (N, S, E, W), and definitely 3 seconds if it’s in one of the other slots and you don’t consider the thumbstick deadzones correctly while using the wheel.

If they improve the wheel, I think it could drop down to 0.5-1.0 second.

These delays could also be why the long delays or no response when using keys on the keyboard.


Well, on the original UI the action started as soon as the “click“ was registered.

With the wheel you have to click and hold one button, then move the analog stick to the desired position, hold it there for a “small time”, before releasing the button and first then the action takes place.

So the time from action by player to action on screen has gone from roughly 0.2 s to 1 s.

Add to this that the risk of failing a button press is close to 0% while using the button + analog stick + wait to release, opens up for failed attempts to perform a action.


To give mouse and keyboard users an insight into how the new wheel is implemented on controllers, the equivalent for you would be:

•All hot keys are gone.
•The mouse wheel will not perform any action.
•Movement keys still work.
•Keys previously used to charge fire mode and ammunition types are remapped (to less reachable positions and will no longer work if you are aiming down sight)
•Only way to switch weapons/items are via the wheel.
•The wheel is only activated via a key, slightly awkwardly placed.
•When interacting with the wheel, the button has to be held and the mouse has to be hovering over the item you want to equip for a “small amount of time” before releasing the button, then the item is equipped.
•There is no other option to interface with the game.

Despite this, I think that the wheel can be a good complement to the original UI if implemented correctly, opening up for controller users to access more of the inventory, instead of the current implementation that is limiting the usability.


Thank you for the very detail explanation. Sounds like it really sucks now.

No, I don’t think so.
For me and many others it’s ok.
There are many opinions, but the ones, who dislike it in general are louder than the others.

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I agree that the ones that dislike the change from a intuitive and fast UI to a new a slower UI are loud.

Mainly because the implementation isn’t great and that you are forced to change.

Add to this that in hours after release there were alternative solutions presented in the forum that made more sense. This makes it feel half baked.

Personally I can live with the new UI. I look at it and think that the long and clunky process of changing gear might even be more realistic!? Should you even be able to change from holding a rifle in hand to a med pack while running? And aren’t the med packs healing you too fast? And don’t get me started on the carry weight versus the weight of the guns and equipment…,

… but that is another topic!

Keep the wheel, but improve the implementation. And if not implemented in a way that can co exist with the original UI, give players the option to choose. If the wheel solution is better everybody will change!

Did I just prove your point? :wink:

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As it is the gameplay permits players to play fast and loose against a horde of machines surrounding the player on all sides. This is my favourite kind of playstyle, as it’s gritty and rewarding once you’ve mastered it, but it also makes sense since the landscape is very open and devoid of effective cover. So, imagine trying to quickly press any key in the vicinity of WSAD or a mouse button to access vital supplies. Now imagine trying to press a number key from 5-8 or using the weapon wheel with the same efficiency. It just doesn’t compare, but that’s what we’re essentially forced to do.

By allowing each of the weapon wheel slots to be allocated with a customised key/mouse button, this restores previous functionality, whilst retaining the option for the default setup or weapon wheel to be used by those who are happy to use it. I’d actually be happy using a combination of custom keys for frequently used items and the weapon wheel for semi-frequent situational items.

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Could someone explain how the wheel is implemented for mouse and keyboard players?

Watching any of the streamers I have only seen the wheel pop up once, for a second or two, but since there is a constant change of weapons and med kits and what have you, my guess is that the hot keys are getting warm.

But the wheel? Is obviously optional to use, but if you want to use it, how do you activate it? How do you select from the wheel?

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I have the wheel binded to the Capslock key
Then select items with mouse.

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