Weapons, Ammo and Equipment List

Hello! I made a complete list of all weapons, ammo, attachments and equipment for new players. I hope this will be helpful. It’s a very long list, sorry for that, but there are a lot of weapons, attachments and equipment.


Melee Weapons:

  • Brännboll Bat

  • Sledgehammer

  • Experimental Sledgehammer - Experimental Weapon (drops from Reaper Tank)

  • Resistance Pitchfork - Resistance Weapons Pack


  • Möller PP

  • Klaucke 17

  • Experimental Klaucke 17 - Experimental Weapon

  • .44 Magnus

  • Experimental .44 Magnus - Experimental Weapon

  • N9 Handgun - US Weapons Pack

  • Volkov Pistol - Eastern European Weapons Pack


  • 12G Pump Action

  • Experimental 12G Pump Action - Experimental Weapon

  • Sjöqvist Semi-Auto

Assault Rifles:

  • AI-76 Assault Rifle

  • Automatgevär 4

  • Experimental Automatgevär 4 - Experimental Weapon

  • Automatgevär 5

  • N16 Assault Rifle - US Weapons Pack

  • AT-WAD Assault Rifle - Soviet Weapons Pack

Hunting Rifles:

  • Meusser Hunting Rifle

  • “Älgstudsare” Hunting Rifle

  • Experimental “Älgstudsare” Hunting Rifle - Experimental Weapon

Sniper Rifles:

  • Pansarvärnsgevär 90

  • Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90 - Experimental Weapon

  • S21 - US Weapons Pack 2

  • Kotenok Sniper Rifle - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • Vintovka 1891 - Eastern European Weapons Pack

Submachine Guns:

  • M/46 “Kpist” SMG

  • Experimental M/46 “Kpist” SMG - Experimental Weapon

  • HP5

  • COM-10 SMG - US Weapons Pack 2

  • Vosa vz. 68 - Eastern European Weapons Pack

Light Machine Guns:

  • Kvm 59 Machine Gun

  • Experimental Kvm 59 Machine Gun - Experimental Weapon

  • Kvm 89 Squad Automatic Weapon

  • Experimental Kvm 89 Automatic Weapon - Experimental Weapon

  • N60 Machine Gun - US Weapons Pack

  • PM-71 Machine Gun - Eastern European Weapons Pack

Recoilless Rifles:

  • M/49 Granatgevär

  • Experimental M/49 Granatgevär - Experimental Weapon

  • G79 - US Weapons Pack 2

  • RLG-7 - Soviet Weapons Pack


  • Resistance Flamethrower - Resistance Weapons Pack

  • Resistance Heavy Bow - Resistance Weapons Pack



  • 2x Red Dot Scope

  • 2-4x Handgun Scope

  • 1-4x Shotgun Scope

  • 1-4x Rifle Scope

  • 4-8x Rifle Scope

  • 6-12x Rifle Scope

  • 8-16x Sniper Rifle Scope

  • 2.7x RLG-7 Scope - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • 3-Pin Makeshift Bow Sight - Resistance Weapons Pack

Vision Modules:

  • Low Light Vision Amplifier

  • IR Vision Processor

  • Object Penetrating Vision Modulator

  • Dual Mode Low Light / IR Module

  • Dual Mode Low Light / OPV Module

  • Dual Mode IR/ OPV Module

  • Full Vision Module

Extended Magazines:

  • Möller PP Extended Magazine

  • Klaucke 17 Extended Magazine

  • N9 Extended Magazine - US Weapon Pack

  • Volkov Extended Magazine - Eastern European Weapons Pack

  • AI-76 Extended Magazine

  • Automatgevär 4 Extended Magazine

  • Automatgevär 5 Extended Magazine

  • N16 Extended Magazine - US Weapons Pack

  • AT-WAD Extended Magazine - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • Pansarvärnsgevär Extended Magazine

  • S21 Extended Magazine - US Weapons Pack 2

  • Kotenok Extended Magazine - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • Kpist Extended Magazine

  • HP5 Extended Magazine

  • COM-10 Extended Magazine - US Weapons Pack 2

  • Vosa Extended Magazine - Eastern European Weapons Pack

  • Kvm 59 Extended Magazine

  • Kvm 89 Extended Magazine

  • N60 Extended Magazine - US Weapons Pack

  • PM-71 Extended Magazine - Eastern European Weapons Pack

  • Large Flamethrower Tank - Resistance Weapons Pack

Barrel Modification:

  • Handgun Compensator

  • Submachine Gun Compensator

  • Machine Gun Compensator

  • Handgun Silencer

  • Shotgun Silencer

  • Assault Rifle Silencer

  • Hunting Rifle Silencer

  • Submachine Gun Silencer

  • Machine Gun Silencer

  • COM-10 Silencer - US Weapon Pack 2

  • Assault Rifle Barrel Extension

  • Submachine Gun Barrel Extension

  • Shotgun Choke

Weapon Skins:

  • Gold (.44 Magnus)

  • Graffiti Resistance (12G Pump Action)

  • Swedish Forest (Automatgäver 4)

  • Swedish Snow (Automatgäver 5)

  • Swedish Resistance (M/46 “Kpist” SMG)

  • Flecktarn Forest (Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Flecktarn Snow (HP5) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Flecktarn Resistance (Klaucke 17) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Disruptive Forest (Sjoqvist Semi-Auto) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Disruptive Snow (AI-76 Assault Rifle) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Disruptive Resistance (Meusser Hunting Rifle) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Woodland Forest (Kvm 89 Squad Automatic Weapon) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Woodland Snow (Kvm 59 Machine Gun) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Woodland Resistance (Pansarvärnsgevär 90) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack

  • Puma Resistance (M/49 Granatgevär) - Camo Weapon Skins Pack


Types of Ammo:

  • .32 ACP Hollow Point Ammo

  • .32 ACP Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • .32 ACP Medical Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .32 ACP Radioactive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .44 Hollow Point Ammo

  • .44 Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • .44 Explosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .44 Tar Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 9mm (Handgun) Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • 9mm (Handgun) Armour Piercing Ammo

  • 9mm (Handgun) Shock Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 9mm (Handgun) Heat Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 9mm (SMG) Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • 9mm (SMG) Armour Piercing Ammo

  • 9mm (SMG) Corrosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 9mm (SMG) Explosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • 5.56mm Armour Piercing Ammo

  • 5.56mm Corrosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 5.56mm Heat Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • 7.62mm Armour Piercing Ammo

  • 7.62mm Tar Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 7.62mm Shock Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 9x39mm Full Metal Jacket Ammo - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • 9x39mm Armour Piercing Ammo - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • .243 (Hunting Rifle) Soft Point Ammo

  • .243 (Hunting Rifle) Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • .243 (Hunting Rifle) Heat Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .243 (Hunting Rifle) Explosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .270 (Hunting Rifle) Soft Point Ammo

  • .270 (Hunting Rifle) Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • .270 (Hunting Rifle) Shock Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .270 (Hunting Rifle) Medical Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .50 BMG Full Metal Jacket Ammo

  • .50 BMG Armour Piercing Ammo

  • .50 BMG Explosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • .50 BMG Medical Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 12G (Shotgun) Birdshot Ammo

  • 12G (Shotgun) Buckshot Ammo

  • 12G (Shotgun) Slug Ammo

  • 12G (Shotgun) Slug Corrosive Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • 12G (Shotgun) Slug Medical Ammo - Experimental Ammo

  • High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Rounds

  • Highly-Radioactive Dual-Purpose Rounds - Experimental Ammo

  • Highly Corrosive Dual-Purpose Rounds - Experimental Ammo

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Rounds

  • Smoke Rounds

  • G79 HE Grenade - US Weapons Pack 2

  • G79 EMP Grenade - US Weapons Pack 2

  • G79 Smoke Grenade - US Weapons Pack 2

  • LG-7V High-Explosive Rounds - Soviet Weapons Pack

  • Resistance Standard Arrows - Resistance Weapons Pack

  • Resistance Explosive Arrows - Resistance Weapons Pack

  • Resistance Flare Arrows - Resistance Weapons Pack

  • Napalm - Resistance Weapons Pack


Types of Equipment:

  • Simple First Aid Kit

  • Standard First Aid Kit

  • Advanced First Aid Kit

  • Medical First Aid Kit - Experimental Equipment

  • Radioactive First Aid Kit - Experimental Equipment

  • Adrenaline Shot - 1 Revive per Adrenaline Shot

  • Semla

  • Grenade

  • Smoke Grenade

  • Emergency flare

  • Emergency flare (Sticky)

  • Fireworks

  • Firework Box - Anniversary Event

  • Lockpick Hairpin - special Skill required

  • Boombox

  • Radio

  • Field Radio - 3 Fast Travels per Field Radio

  • Land Mine

  • Explosive Gas Tank

  • Compressed Air Tank

  • Poison Gas Tank

  • Small Fuel Cell

  • Medium Fuel Cell

  • Large Fuel Cell

  • Small EMP Cell

  • Medium-sized EMP Cell

  • Large EMP Cell

  • Car Battery EMP

  • Light Comm. Array Lure

  • Medium Comm. Array Lure

  • Heavy Comm. Array Lure

  • Ammo Pack - 3 amounts of ammo per Ammo Pack

  • Paramedic Response Pack - 3 heals per Paramedic Response Pack

  • Tick Pod

  • Gnome Tick Pod - rare equipment

  • Gasoline - only for Motorbikes

  • Repair Kit - only for Motorbikes

  • Molotov Cocktail *-Tactical Equipment Pack

  • Explosive Toy Lure - Tactical Equipment Pack

  • Remote-Controlled Explosive - Tactical Equipment Pack

  • Portable Machine Gun Turret - Tactical Equipment Pack

  • Portable Cover - Tactical Equipment Pack


It’s a nice list. :sunglasses: However, I think it would be even more useful if the Fan Wiki was updated with all the new DLC weapons, and the same for the corresponding ammo and attachments pages.

I feel such a list has greater staying power on the Fan Wiki than here.


Holy crap, nice list! I’ll make sure to pin this.

@SR_Carni might want to know about it, since he does wiki stuff. I’ll attempt a summon…


I haven’t had time to edit the Wiki in a while, but luckily it’s fan made, so anyone can edit/add to it^~^
Good list, thanks!

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Thank you very much!

Just read the list again and saw this.
Shouldn’t it be changed to “Grenade launcher” instead of Hunting rifle?

Well, since it shoots .270 ammo I guess it still is a hunting rifle - but with an explosive bullet somehow?

To be honest, I haven’t really found a good use for it currently…

It’s a bit weird.

Uses .270 Hunting rifle ammo, with extremly reduced bullet velocity.
Because of that it turns even more to a ballistic weapon. That’s why it has the grenade launcher iron sight… Well, I wouldn’t aim worse without it. It’s just bad.

And additionally with the reduced bullet velocity it has some kind of kinetic charge for its explosive effect.

I just wonder how you may explain these effects while using the same ammo as with a 1c-5c Älgstudsare.

Well, it’s the same with experimental KVM59, AG4, 12G, Klauke, Magnus…
Just the Kpist, KVM89 and PVG seem to be explainable due to higher acceleration/velocity.

I used it some times for long range bombardement on great battles between fnix and soviet machines and it was quite effective, if I hit a target.

The problem is, that aiming is almost impossible with it, even on short range. With a distance indicator it would be ok, because correction of missed shots would be easier.

Now you just aim somewhere into the sky in hope to hit something, but you are not able to slightly correct or to repeat the aiming because it’s hard to know where you aimed at before… The clouds are moving.

Last time I shot about 200 rounds into the sky to destroy an idle apoc hunter rival at great distance…

Nice list. Forgot the “holy hand grenade” not that it’s a usable item lol

Oh, damn, You’re right. I miss it :smiley:

What is this Holy Hand grenade?

I have one and i cant use it

It never was really useable. It’s a relic.

wow, is my account rare? hahahahah
Did they give it for a while and then take it out of the game? I
I’ve only been playing this game for 4 months and I don’t know much about the back story

From Generation Zero Wiki:

Various locations. In locked warehouses you can find a grenade that looks like the Holy Hand Grenade from monty python’s “the holy grail”. Does extra damage and looks sick.

I never got one. It was taken out before I started playing, but as far as I know it never was functional.

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Thanks, i never see this page

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Thanks I never be able to find that if it was not your thread, Thanks for the info!

does anyone have extra Holy Hand Grenade :nerd_face: I don’t have one, I will trade Firework Boxes & Gnome Ticks for 1, that’s one of the items I don’t have, there is also a medical kit that was also removed that I also don’t have

Really? What kind of medical kit?