Weapons Rack feature

Player-built base only? Losing your base does not delete your weapons but you may not access the weapons-rack interface unless interfacing with one from within someone’s base.

Where are these items actually stored? The Rack should only be an interface and essentially a buff to the Plundra. Permanently, and upon first interaction with a weapons rack → Partial weapon weight burden should be lifted from the Plundra, suggesting that canonically the weapons are now on the weapons rack (specifically 2kg for each unique weapon name)

The weapons rack should solve only three problem:

  1. Your weapons collection being very messy to review and search-through
  2. The extreme weight burden of collecting one of each weapon (for me this is currently ≈ 25 weapons totalling ≈ 50 Kilograms, for people who own weapons DLC it is somewhat heavier).
  3. Serving as an elegant solution to retrieve weapons and your best attachments for them.

Consequentially this would reduce the extreme motivation that players currently have to created dedicated “mule” characters for carrying their excess supplies and equipment.

Avoid dictating to players what the “best” weapons are. (Do not have 1 slot for each “weapon”; the [Experimental Pump Action Shotgun] is not a replacement for the 5 Crown [Pump Action Shotgun] – most players should want both | [Experimental Grg/49] is not a sensible choice for EMP – most players should want an additional none-experimental [Granatgevär m/49])
Avoid adding encouragement of hoarding/extreme grinding behaviour (do not have a weapon rack slot for every quality of every weapon)
Leaving a blank slot for DLC weapons is absolutely fine, I for example don’t mind if this drives sales of a DLC that I have chosen to not purchase (US) (I might buy Russian weapons).

Slots: 1 for each weapon name. This means 1 slot for your best stored Möller but 2 slots for Klaucke because the Experimental Klaucke has a unique name (and model / effect).

Attachments collection: I believe the best solution is to maintain the current system of attachments being a weight burden in your Plundra/inventory. However the Weapons Rack would serve as a unifying interface allowing you to find and apply attachments across your inventory and your characters. Apparel crafting is already capable of drawing resources from your inventory and Plundra simultaneously.
I strongly considered suggesting that weapons-magazines are a special-case attachment however this adds significant logical complexity.

Notes: 18 none-DLC weapons, 3 DLC weapons, 8 Experimental weapons (Unique name+ effects), 3 additional upcoming DLC weapons announced, 1 additional weapon announced.
Plundra weight limit 200kg. Weapon weight always 2kg. Attachment weight always 0.25kg. Ammo weight varies. Player carry limit 64kg/80kg/96kg dependant on skills.

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