Weekly stream - summary request

Hi there,

Is there anyone in this forum who watches the weekly stream and is able to give some infos about asked questions and given answers, especially regarding upcoming updates?

I’d like to watch the streams by myself but I just have no time. :woozy_face:


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I believe Tenebris Infinite has a video about the stuff regarding the next update on YouTube. Might wanna check his channel out for it.

Not watching weekly, but in last stream Pontus revealed a maybe-date for the next update, and maybe also DLC. After the necessary drumroll he said, “februari”. Nothing more. So nothing is sure but we have some indication.

Hi just a quick addition, Wired Gaming also covers gen z ! Might be worth checking his YouTube also , I think the stream hinted a big update Feb :+1::+1:

I would really appreciate if the livestreams would be more structured and with a higher production value like Coffee Stain Studios’ stream.

Basically: scheduled “State of development” and “Q&A” segments.


I didn’t even know there was a weekly stream… what platform is it on?

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Twitch, YouTube and Steam broadcast. The YT and Twitch channel they stream on is Systemic Reaction every Wednesday.

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Systemic Reaction did not set their old and unused “Generation Zero” accounts on social media like YouTube. Last time I checked, the old YouTube channel did not have a single link to the Systemic Reaction channel. I often look at the ‘Channels’ tab when browsing on a game’s channel to find info about the developer and the publisher. (and the other way around too)

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Same question again… :wink:

No news this week, hopefully theres gonna be a letter this Friday. This is what i remember hearing before having to disappear half way through.


Me too. They said they hope such letter would be published before the end of the week. :disappointed_relieved:
I’m grateful about the weekly streams, but I feel like they could be so much more. :frowning:

It seems that tomorrow will give some answers.
Who is able to wtach the stream and write the infos down?


Is it here yet!? ⁉️ Join the Generation Zero Stream for the absolute latest on the next update! Live tomorrow 16.00 CET at:

YouTube - https://t.co/fkvnYNWW6t
Twitch - https://t.co/Utlu1wAQiE pic.twitter.com/vPGyENAoVS

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) February 1, 2022

Ill be able to watch the stream for about 20 mins, ill try to get as much as i can remembered for you.

February 8th will bring both a base-building-focused paid DLC (just new items) and the free update.

I think the map will have some revamp, but no new island.

We might get more announcement/communication/video(?) today.

Also: patch note should be available on Monday.


Thx, good news.
I followed the stream for about 20 minutes, too.

Too sad that they didn’t show something of the new stuff amd that the limit of buildings for homebase stays untouched for now… So if I want to use the dlc-items I will have to redesign my whole base. :confused:

But the best fact indeed is the date and time (10am CET) the update will be shipped. :star_struck:

Kinda disappointed the building thing will be payed tbh.

We have had so little stuff so far, we are getting those previously revealed stuff as well.
But even with that stuff we do not even have that much. To get more we gotta pay.

I think with a free update , the massive content over the past two years I don’t mind paying for a DLC!!!

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Some more infos I accidently found :wink:


Honestly I would hesitate to trust that article. It mentions stuff that AFAIK, has not even been revealed publicly to the team, which just makes no sense to me. Leading me to believe it is nonsense

Specifically this section:

It mentions that the forces in the game are friendly or hostile depending on your actions. While machines are always hostile. Thing is there is no other enemies than machines in the game (and I doubt there ever will be). Not to mention that this directly implies enemies change hostility depending on your activity, which has yet to be mentioned ever.

So unless the team decided to only reveal some major new mechanics in the game only to some random game news site, then I doubt anything new this says is credible. It also states we scavenge to build better weapons which is also untrue.

I will try and find out if any of what is “revealed” in this article is credible.


Maybe it’s not wrong. Maybe there will be a mission and depending on a decition the soviets fight against or with you.

Edit: I’ve tried to find all official news about the soviets/the landfall update… But there is no place where they are called “a new enemy”. Everywhere they are just called “a new faction”.
So maybe it’s true and they aren’t enemies for all the time. :man_shrugging:

No. What about silencers, scopes, magazines?

But in one point you’re right. I really was surprised to read this article. I didn’t know this site before. Why should they know more than others? We’ll see soon.