Weekly stream - summary request

i like the gnome mask :face_with_monocle: it will fit good with the lunar jacket, good clothing combo

maybe the reaper mis-communication was for the selma event :rofl: maybe the Reaper ate all the semla, and that’s were semla is, lol

I totally misspoke about it being 9th-13th! It’s of course 9th-24th. Sorry about that, there are a lot of dates going around right now.


I wonder if Semladagen & Valentines Day are both celebrated, :smiling_face: , instead of those nasty chocolates from Walmart, how about a Selma instead, a sweetie for your sweetie, I don’t think they sell them from were im at, always playing the game & always seeing stored away Selma in my Plundra always makes me hungry, lol

i guess the selma event starts tomorrow, Feb 13, be looking for those plates with them on it

Am I wrong, or were we supposed to get a resistance report last Friday?

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No, you’re right. That’s what Carni announced.
Well, maybe he was confused with this date, too. :joy:
@SR_Carni what’s up? :wink:

A lot of dates floating around, but also busy times! There will be one this week :slight_smile:

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it’s Feb 13 :smiling_face: and found 4 already