Weird ammo glitch


Was a really crazy glitch. I was a guest in my buddy’s game and in the middle of a big fire fight with about 5 fnix runners when he could no longer reload ammo into any of his equipped primary weapons. He could use the weapon untill he emptied the clip but that was it. We tried resetting the game, shut down steam,he even shut his pc all the way down and still didn’t work. He finally got it working when he dropped his primary weapons and picked them back up. It was as if the ammo couldn’t recognize the weapon it was supposed to attach to , like the weapon wasn’t in his inventory or something. I did a search of the bug topics and didn’t see this report anywhere. Id really like to know if anyone else has had this issue thanks guys.

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i haven’t seen it happen to all weapons at once but I had it happen to me

Yeah, he was using the A5 with fmj’s and a semi auto shotgun. Neither of them would reload once emptied. Don’t think he had the AP ammo though. Thanks for the info.