Weird inventory item

Platform: PC

Description: Not sure how this got in to my inventoy, I noticed it after a visit to Minken, thought I doubt it came from there, The item itself is not a flare, I doesn’t have any 3D model so it uses the item previously looked at, which happend to be a flare. It also doesn’t have a name.

Steps To Reproduce: Unknown.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Singleplayer

Players in your game: Myself

Specifications: Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 780, Intel i7 4770K (3.50 GHz), 14 GB DDR3 Ram

This is a well-known bugged item in the game. It doesn’t actually do anything, so feel free to drop it.

Where did it even come from :joy:

I can’t remember correctly, but I think it’s a pickup from a corpse somewhere… Maybe along a road? Unsure. Maybe somebody else can describe it better. It always seems spawns there though.

it is a unused item in the game , i remember a post about this , people have said it was obtained from a body as Xezr said. pls see Bugged item? Not sure how to report this exactly

also in another post from Vasdema :>
I take it that’s from Secret Cargo? Where you have to find the convoy on the road west of Backbol? As @Hagelbocken said, everybody gets that bugged mod when they pick up the Good Automatgevar 4 from next to the dead soldier. Judging from the icon, we all assume it was supposed to be a scope.


It sounds so ominous :joy:

Now we just need the silenced binoculars back in the game.



Ah, the famous Swedish Stealth Binoculars.


that pic is so funny lol