Weird sound glitch (hope I am doing this right)

Platform: PC

Description: I keep experiencing this strange sound glitch where it sounds like I am being chased by something every now and then. It sounds like a tick to me. I don’t hear any other noises besides the tick though. Two places I have repeatedly heard it is at the safe house Boo Bruk AB and the worst I have experienced it is at Harmmanas Farm and a few other places. The funniest thing is I only hear it coming from behind me and soon as I turn to face the sound… It’s gone. It is slightly annoying but mostly because it gives me a spook every time I hear it. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this bug? I’ve looked around a bit and haven’t seen anything quite like mine so sorry if there is already a thread about this.

Steps To Reproduce: Head to the Boo Bruk AB and go towards the big door on the first floor and you should hear something like a tick running up behind you. Or head over to Harmmanas Farm and walk around the silos.

Images / Videos: I do not know how to screen record or anything like that. I could get a video on my phone though I suppose.

Host or Client: Single Player

Specifications: Unkown

I also have a few other questions. Has anyone had this problem of enemies repeatedly returning right outside a safe house? Specifically the Angeras Church? Because I have had waves and waves of enemies coming to the church after taking out some of the ones near it. And some of them came back already wounded?
My last question is I have one of the safehouse icons constantly stuck on my compass and I’m not tracking any of the icons. Its been like this for a while. Help???

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