What about the blank islands and the mainland?

The Devs left a few islands blank and unexplorable along with the bridge most north leading to the mainland, all unaccessible. I really hope these areas are opened up with future updates and DLC. Maybe different game modes like expeditions to get rare gear.

They need to fix game before they think about adding more. Map is already too big with way too many bugs.


Yep but this was the general discussion thread I report my bugs to the bug thread.

Yes pal like the island to the right with bridge on map , but when u get there it’s broken off both ends . If you look closely i could make out Second Airbase :smile:


I haven’t been there yet to see but I see it on the map. There is no doubt that’s on purpose. On the website it does say the world will evolve and change so I’m sure we will be exploring that eventually

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Oh you naughty, naughty spambot you!

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I was gonna start a new topic but maybe I just missed it before, and it’s on this topic, so…

I was trying out the patch and just looking at the map when I saw this:

Were there always a bridge there? I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I can’t remember the map having marked roads on the other islands, much less a bridge to one of them. Am I just being dimwitted or does my observation have any merit at all…?

Yes @INTERPOL on the map Pre April update it has always shown your ( PICTURE ) , also when i travelled there it was not how map shown it , i did this last week not sure if bridge actually there after patch update ? Maybe some body go check this ? :grin:

Oh. I could’ve sworn it wasn’t there until now, haha. Still good to know there are plans for the other islands.

IN THE THEME OF THE 80’s > > Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept < < ^ is scout out bridge location on said above map ( provided by Agent @INTERPOL ) and REPORT BACK to Head Quarters ( This forum ) for a Debriefing < < [] BEEP [] BEEP [] This message will now not Self destruct . :sunglasses:

I’ve been on those islands that are currently not accessible. The ones marked with roads have flat spots and areas that appear will have buildings, towns, ect. In the future

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I’m guessing you got there by hacking right? Have you been to the mainland yet? What’s it look like? Is it solid? I love going out of bounds in video games.

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I made a post in this thread from where I visited the mainland. No hacks were used. It’s what you expect, lots of forests and not much else, then ending in a sudden drop because, well you can’t render the entire country :stuck_out_tongue:

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No hacker’s here so far pal , just a little bang and weeee splat on other side of water , there is a thread of pc modders on this forum if you want to take a look :point_right: Generation Zero modding discussion

Yeah that’s about what I expected. Still pretty cool though. Thanks for the vid.