What are your thoughts?


I want to hear what your guys thoughts are about the game and any funny stuff that went down in your games alone or with friends. So fire away in the comment section!


Wasn’t sure how involving the story would be since it was marketed mainly as an online co-op (and how you get a black screen of exposition thrown in your face instead of an intro cutscene), but damn I couldn’t stop playing. The voice acting is actually pretty good and (except for the beginning) the storytelling has been really clever and engaging, much to my surprise.

Another thing I feel someone needs to praise is the astonishing attention to detail.

M90 camouflage and proper hazard signs.


Not just on the machines…

Tiny details like these are everywhere in the game, recreated down to the slight warping of the the plastic sign being screwed to the wall. You can tell this was a labour of love.

Oh, and the combat is excellent. Even though the machines are rightfully dumb, they have the upper hand in every other category (firepower, agility, armour and sheer number). Meanwhile, the player may be dead in three hits, and I love how you have to use actual tactics. I’ve only played solo because I hate online games with a passion, so I can’t speak for the co-op experience.

All in all, I don’t get all the negativity surrounding this game. God forbid that you’re not constantly bombarded with action scenes designed to keep you hooked, and just let the downtime between combat happen… I like Generation Zero, it’s refreshing to play a brand new game without feeling insulted.


Rather enjoying it so far. I’ve also been sticking to solo play as I don’t want to completely noob it up if/when I get into the multiplayer aspect, and I’ve been really enjoying the look and feel of the game. I very rarely get into games straight from launch, but it’s been a positive experience, and the community (here on the forum at least) seems pretty great. Obviously there’s room for improvement and gameplay enhancements, but seeing Avalanche’s involvement here and on the Steam forum makes me think I’ll get my money’s worth.

Also, the in-game music is really tops. Good stuff!


Sounds excellent. Thanks for taking the time to write up this contribution, I’m really looking forward to playing the game myself. Unfortunately the preorder I got has been delayed but I’ll be in game soon enough!


I really enjoy the game so far. Me and my friend played last night and had a blast, he gets so scared when robots pops up in the bunkers screaming in his mic… we just kept laughing.

Only problem for me was to much blur in game (eyes really hurt) and a bit laggy sometimes. And also feels like a delay when you drag your mouse around. Would also love to be able to press E to loot and E again to loot all instead of clicking (atleast i didnt find a way).

But all those things can and probably will be fixed. The game is looks really good though and cant wait to play again tonight!!


Thanks everyone for the input. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Can’t wait to hear some more stories. :slight_smile:


You guys should add english translation for the written things! I know it takes place in sweden, but nobody will be able to read it except you are swedish!
As well we need a climbing option! And a coop saving option. Replaying every mission on your own after playing it with friends makes me wanna stop playing this game.


Being Swedish myself and playing this game im having a blast! Sure there are bugs and the inventory system is absolutely horrible but damn its a tense and fun game when you are fighting or hiding from the machines! The first time i heard those thundering steps of a tank… It was just so damn scary and facinating! I dont know how many adrenaline shots i used to bring it down :stuck_out_tongue:

The music is awesome as well… And the overall sound of the game from gun shots (The silenced hunting rifle could use some work… It sounds too loud in my opinion) to the machines walking around is just amazing.

And the world is gorgeous! Shame that it feels so empty at Times… Some extra critters or Insects flying and small animals running around would make it feel more alive.

After some patches and dlc i think this game is going to be a game that is going to be worth coming back to a lot and get a lot of more players into it :slight_smile:

Also i legit need “Flytt Arne” in my life. That legit made me chuckle the first time i saw it


Something that i like to see is road signs, like with street names.
Graffiti, tags and stickers on for exempel electric boxes, rocks and buildings, those where popular those days.


I haven’t bought the game yet.
My plan was to play this together with my teen aged kids.
Have really been looking forward to this, as a lover of Tales from the Loop.

Now with all the massive critiques in all reviews I feel sad and will wait with my purchase until I see your ambitions. Do you plan to update the game in any of the areas lifted in the reviews?


Reviews are in and it’s not looking good. Wandering if this is one of those live service games…


Not gonna try to coax you into buying it, because this game isn’t for everyone. However, I believe that much of the negative feedback is way too harsh and based on preconception of what this game would be vs what it actually is. It’s a first person shooter with killer robots, and if that’s all you knew going in, you’d be forgiven for thinking it would be a fast paced, spawn wave, cover based shooter when in fact it’s more Metal Gear Solid V than Call of Duty. You travel long distances without ever seeing enemies, but when you do encounter them they’re in packs and it’s up to the player to decide the approach. As in MGS V, the enemies are rarely the actual targets but rather a force that tries to stop you from reaching it, The gameplay in MGS V is rock solid, but when Konami did exactly what many people want Avalanche to do with GZ we ended up with Metal Gear Survive… And we all have to live with that. I believe people would’ve been more fair if it was in third person view, honestly (which I’m personally glat it isn’t).

The first person shooter genre is such an established format at this point that any deviation from the proven formula will upset its core fans, of which there are many. There’s a lot of valid criticism in many reviews, but I think that many people have missed the point of this game and end up judging it by the FPS template rather than its own merits.

Just my two cents.


Without doubt there is issues in the game and I’d laugh at anyone who denies that. The Community Managers are taking in all the feedback they’re getting so that the game can be adjusted for future updates. There is lots of hot-fixes already coming out and we can expect more updates to come through and patch a lot of the issues. A lot of the issues are rather small and easy to patch.

However I must say some of these articles mainly Eurogamer seem to have not even played the game. There is in fact a story it just does not hold your hand and you’re on a quest to find out what went down. You’re not there to destroy everything unless you so do please. Robots can see you from far away as many have thermal imaging and in the beta many people complained the game was to easy.

I do not represent Avalanche studios in anyway shape or form so I can not promise you about anything being patched. However I’m quite certain the developers are working tirelessly to fix the current major issues and I’m sure we’ll get many updates which will refine the game.

As you can read above others experiences.


I think the game is really well made, however there are some issues with it. I would like to have:

-Cutscenes (maybe an Intro?)
-more enemies in the world, not only in cities (!)
-more enemy variants, maybe some sort of long range enemy or a bigger drone then the seeker
-more guns
-few npcs at safehouses (could be wounded, trading?)
-some more movement-options

With that list implemented, the game would be great.

What i think is easy to do:

-more enemys spawning on streets, fields, forests
-cutscenes (i mean, you already done something like this in the trailer, right?)

i hope you will keep up the support of the game. Do your best :wink:


It seems like this shouldn’t have been released yet. Maybe needed another year to add more variety to house interiors, waypoints etc. I’m not slating the game because I really want this game from what I’ve seen. But with the review scores and all the bug reports I think I’ll wait. Actually had this reserved at Argos to pick up. Gutted.


The game is nice part of my top 10 games of this year Generation Zero is 2 place of my Top 10


Had a 2 hour blast with a friend last night. We wanted to go in cold so didn’t watch any play videos. Had heaps of fun and REALLY enjoyed the sound, one thing that stood out, was the distance at which you can hear gun shots. After my friend got disconnected and didn’t respawn in to the nearest safehouse (hoping thats just a bug) I realized that I could hear him firing the hunting rifle from a km away, was a nice touch to the sound design(not sure what/if theres a max sound distance for the high powered rifles).

Unfortunately I fell off a little ridge and got stuck at the old castle (hope they fix that map issue too or give you an option to respawn if you get stuck) which put a stop to the game for the night.


Ok, so I mentioned that this game needed another year of development from reading reviews. I took the plunge and picked it up, played 3 hours of it. Boy was I wrong. Didn’t want to go to bed, loving the game so far. Not sure what the reviewers are playing.


Great game so far, really enjoying the scenery. I have one suggestion for you guys, first dlc throw us a dayz style mode with like 50-60 player pvp, that would be outstanding. Just to be clear, not a fucking crap battle royale mode, but a persistent massive multiplayer pvp mode. You have an amazing map to play on, and the robots are great npc’s, we just need a lot more people to kill and play with while being hunted by your psycho robots.


This game needs a few more months of development! They need to fix the invisible walls, the “dog” like robots are way to fast and stupid as hell. They need to fix the save game, cause youll never know when the game did save for you! The environment is TOOOOOOO empty. you get bored after running around for a few minutes. (no animals, robots are only close to cities, no npcs). The game kinda feels like Fallout 76, unfinished and boring. It had so much potential but you couldn’t keep the hype.

And one more major thing. If you search a bunker or whatever the robots can see you through the soil !!! WTF ?? The keep shooting until you exit the bunker…