What do you do when you don’t play GZ?


Hey there people! It would be fun to know what you do when you’re not playing. Something to know each other by except for a username and an opinion about a game. What do you say? Got something fun or interesting to share? :blush:

For me, most of my spare time from september 1’st to december 23’rd is dedicated to hunting. Nothing beats bringing out the «Älgstudsare» and spending some quality time out in nature. The view is nice too. :wink:


Amazing view, very nice :grinning:


Is that a 4 crown Alg?


Mainly, screwing with my cat and brother!
(here’s a photo of my fat kitty, chonk)


I make custom lights for search and rescue dogs.


At least 5! Probably more… :wink:


epic. This man has secret EXP Alg.


Great. You have a pic with a dog wearing the light?


When I’m not playing GZ I play Flight Simulator 2020 :laughing:

…and fix and modify airsoft guns :wink:


I spend a lot of time on Destiny 2 and when I want a break from that I go to GZ. I am retired and have a hobby of building scale military models, mostly vehicles although I will do an occasional aircraft…


I’m currently ”between jobs” as the say, but up until recently I was working at the national TV-broadcasting company. I also try to squeeze some scale model building in when I’m not with my two kids.




Time management essential



Before covid I used to do non-essential work with senior families with challenges, such as alzheimer, parkinson, or just loneliness.

I study the Bible. I study with people who are searching for meaning / God. It’s my biggest priority in life, especially because there’re so many teachings which in my opinion do not represent the truth about Jesus, of which I believe that He is our Creator and Anointed (King).

That’s also why I enjoy playing Generation Zero. There aren’t so many games with a realistic storyline and gameplay which does not involve the killing of people. I believe that Christians should not train themselves to be comfortable even with the idea of killing another human being, by playing games simulating just that.

I guess I’m preaching now. I also like to create games and programs for pc and music, not professionaly though. And I try to spend time with friends and family often.

Thanks for the question!


I appreciate that kind of humor!


When I’m not playing GZ i do different things.

Writing storys

When the weather is fine I go out for driving my radio controlled ships.
I have build them by myself.

This is a scale modell of a german fishtrawler called Wotan

You can give the following commands
Engine Stop
Steering left-right


The next photo shows a scale modell of a pushboat called Thyssen II

left/ right
turning round on the plate (turning around the own axis)
driving sidewards


Hi guys. I’m back.

I have a fully equipped wood workshop, and build myself furniture; for house and garden, out of recycled pallets. I had the idea to make things to sell in markets, but everything I make for that, my girlfriend wants and immediately takes.

This was my project for lockdown…


Hi :wave: Bootie it’s so nice that you be back. :smiley:


@Raco I also think it’s very nice to have an action game of this quality, where you don’t have to hurt other humans. Hurting or killing people should never be trivialized. I’m liking it (killing as entertainment) less and less the older I become, and especially after becoming a father. Cheers from a secular humanist. :blush:

@Bootie! Welcome back! :grin:


I don´t want to upset anyone but this makes no sense for me, so you are a hunter and kill animals…but killing people in video games (usually mercs, soldiers, thieves and psychos) feels wrong?