What gives here normal to loot?

I have found a place where i can normal loot? But here is the sign, but nothing to loot?

See this post here.

This one is covered in step 1. You demonstrated that you read and understood those messages by posting correctly afterwards here.

At this point it looks like you’re just trolling.


I feel your frustration! :joy:
Also, I can’t help but notice the dilapidated weapons with thousands of rounds available.
A cheat or an exploit, I wonder?


Please don’t throw trolling accusations about. If you think a post is inappropriate, flag it and move on.

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It might just have been the attempt to give feedback on what kind of an impression people might get from the shown behavior.

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Not realy pegnose but there is nothing to loot, that you can see it, more not, so please leave such comments thanks, or wall should the stupid comment?

Relax, guys. We’re all friends here. And @Scorpion197412, in the future try to stick to more meaningful posts, yeah? I think most of us know it’s not a perfect game, there’s no need to report every oddity you see.

If it belongs in any of the collection threads I’ve listed here, post it in one of them. Makes it easier to keep all such reports in one place.

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I will say it as i see it , scorpion is trolling the forum and has and will make sock puppet accounts to troll more , and even after xezr has drawn the line the scorpion still makes topics about nonsense .


+1 :+1:

Also, Forum’s Code of Conduct is clear about this kind of behavior from Scorpion197412 part.

Source: Code of Conduct - Forums


Amen to that! :+1:

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