What is the most Over Powered weapon in Generation Zero? Original

What is the most OP weapon in Generation Zero
  • Homing Turret
  • RC Tick
  • Exp. PVG 90
  • A1-76
  • RLG-7
  • PM-71
  • Other

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ridiculous damage, big mag for what it brings, easy to handle recoil-wise, easy to find ammo, there’s a reason why it’s the most used gun in the game

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Sorry guys I a still trying to figure out the pull system in this form. I wanted the pull open for much longer.

Please vote on my new pull here:

I would have voted either for the exp pvg or the tickbomb, because they are more powerful than others, but they are not overpowered.

I agree, that they feel quite strong compared to other weapons. But hey, the exp pvg is a super velocity 50cal. The normal pvg is meant to be used against armored vehicles. The other calibers aren’t. They work, as they should in my eyes.

It’s just… It’s a game and in a game the weapons should be more balanced.

And to be true, in earlier days (before landfall and before the firebirds came) it was more balanced by the amount of ammo. Now you can find tons of ammo for the pvg in tanks and especially firebirds.

Compared to that, the ticks have a great disadvantage: They should just be used while being unseen or at least covered. They are just a nice tactical addition.

@Madchaser You can still vote for the RC-tick here ==> What is the most Over Powered weapon in Generation Zero?

No need to poll for it.
None of the weapons are overpowered in my eyes… The exp pvg just became a bit unbalanced due to the massive amount of ammo we can get.

Anything else is just fine… Well, not fine in any case, but at least not overpowered.

Okay then what is the best weapon in your eyes?

Best for which purpose?

I use exp pvg for great distances or components of hard enemies.
I use exp ag4 for everything in close to mid range.
Exp granatgevär for structures or splash damage on multiple targets… Or to give a hard great rival an additional punch into the face… Or for emp shocks on firebirds.
I use flamethrower against ticks.
The exp 12G is best against cars and gas tanks or, with health ammo, to free myself if I got stuck somewhere.

Almost every weapon, especially the experimentals, have some special purpose they are good for. Especially if combined with experimental ammo.

Some have negative effects, too.

Bombticks, sentry or homing turrets etc are just a support for special tactics. They don’t count for me as weapon.

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LMAO @Madchaser you make me giggle. I can’t possibly put every item in my weapon wheel.

Perhaps I should make a POLL on the 8 best items to have in your weapon wheel.
If then you had to take one item out to replace it with another, what two items would you swap?

Since there’s a new topic about it, I’ll close this one.