What is the most Over Powered weapon in Generation Zero?

I am going to exclude the Exp. PVG 90 from this Poll because I am willing to bet most people think it is the most OP weapon.

With the exception of the Exp. PVG 90, what is the most OP weapon? Why?
If you think the PVG 90 is not the most OP weapon please tell me why?

  • Homing Turret
  • RC Tick
  • A1-76
  • RLG-7
  • PM-71
  • Other

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Exp. PVG 90

the rpg imo, I use it as my secondary, usually stroll around with the most basic META loadout ever which is: Pkm, exp pvg90 and the rpg. Very basic, actually boring but it does work and ALOT at that.

Good things about the RPG:
-Big gun
-Big boom
-Big dmg
-Big rate of fire
-Lots of ammo for it

The bad things about the RPG:
-Not big enough
-Not fast enough
-Not cool enough
-Lack an weapon skin for it

All in all, RPG is an 9.9/10 rocket launcher and also fun to use other than the average exp pvg90 user

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I use it to erase a base in no time; test it with a mortar at the same time.

Since we are an english-speaking community I took the liberty of translating your post.

Please stick to english from now on :+1:


First there would need to be a standard on what defines power and then judge each weapon based on above and below that standard. I did not see that in the tutorials.

Other wise it is an opinion based off what a player sees and expects as power. Then consider at what distance that power is used and under what conditions. Then consider resources on the use of said power to replace or resupply. But you also need to consider the weight for carrying enough of defined power to achieve victory over the number of machines encountered at the ideal distances and number of machines to destroyed in an acceptable amount of time. And does said defined power provide enough balance and emersion in the game to take away either?

I don’t think I can answer or give an opinion with such limited information to base my opinion.

And I answered other.

Edit: :slight_smile:


That is a good answer.

Thanks him/you…I had just forgotten this,mn.Ultra short-term memory probably owed, now I know it again…
PS.: On topics; firepower is the most common term, isn’t it?:thinking: I have to look up the definition now, unfortunately I’m not a military economist.:hugs:

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i think that the EXP KVM 59 is the most OP weapon in the game.

The chain lightning can kill all the smaller enemies standing near the targetted tank or harvester, effectively eliminating the whole enemy group without even aiming for the smaller ones.

This is especially effective when there is a dense enemy formation.

The EXP PVG90 is a close second, with its penetrating rounds you can easily hit several enemies in a row.
My personal best is 5 runners with a single shot. (the 4rd runner detonated, taking out the last one that didnt get hit)
And with practically no bullet drop, the precision you get from it is borderline OP in itself…


I think the PvG is overall the best/most overpowered, since neutering enemies is so important in higher diffs. Shooting off the dangerous weapons on a tank is quick and easy, killing a harv before it can call reinforcements… I agree on the KvM being better for groups of small/low tier enemies, but on guerilla I would still use the PvG since enemies become quite tanky.

I think we can both agree on the KvM and the PvG being the best two weapons in the game by a large margin :smiley:

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indeed! :smiley:
And yes, i usually play in adventure mode… :wink:

I just agree partially.
I lost too much health using the exp KVM.
And of course there were some annoying crashes when using it (especially with shock ammo).
The exp AG4 is the best allrounder in my eyes.
Used quite a long time as sniper rifle, too. Biggest available scope attached, single fire mode and chasing runners from far away is fun.

That days I used the exp kpist for close combat (hunters, for example).

The EXP AG4 isn’t applying the DoT at the moment, unfortunately they didn’t fix this in the recent update, either. But I gotta also disagree since this thread is about the most overpowered, as in too strong in the meta, weapon, and the AG4 is pretty balanced imo, it can’t melt machines in seconds and at any range without the shock ammo, and with shock ammo it is very strong, yes, but nowhere near as good at crowd control as the KvM and and at quick single target disposal as the PvG.

Regarding losing health with the KvM, it requires some getting used to to estimate the arc range, but once you have it down you can really just EMP any number of enemies, start shooting and watch them plummet really quick.

Yes, it’s the opposite of overpowered. It’s well balanced.

I think I should try the KVM again… Maybe the crashes got fixed for me.

Compared to the PVG I agree partially. The PVG has no negative sides… Despite the fact you can’t use it with hip fire effectively. It’s a sniper.

The KVM has the negative side that you may toast yourself. But although you still use 7.62 ammo, it is very effective against everything, because of its experimental effect. Combined with a 5c extended magazine it’s a beast.

What is there to be fixed?

The Experimental AG4 effect is not working. It doesn’t apply the damage over time effect and basically has the same damage as a normal 5* AG4.

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Didn’t even notice that yet.

I did not find overpowered weapon yet. I guess there is no such thing at all. I am at the 32th level, have all DLCs and a several exps: KVM, AG4, Klauck, Kpist. Only the last one EXP Kpist is able to do some how the work. Just because you can shell an enemy with much more bullets per second. Especially if you have a good compensator and accuracy perks. In my opinion the concepts of experimental weapon/ammo are VERY low efficient. Most of the time you still have to spend a frustratingly big amount of ammunition on infinitely spawning robots. I think the game has a serious imbalance in this sense. E.g. in case of big robots, stealth in the game ends when you take the first shot. There are no headshots or critical shots :((( I would gladly give valuable resources for a little amount of cartridges, but which can destroy the robots instantly. Maybe because I play alone, but in the current gameplay I am having my hands dropped…

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Good points, but the one with the critical insta kill shot on big machines is going too far in my opinion.

It doesn’t match the background story, it doesn’t fit for the intended fear of being a small teenager against gigantic machines…
Ok, there are experimental weapons and they may be stronger than others, and of course you may have the chance to destroy any hunter (dependend on difficulty level) with a single shot (exp pvg), but more would be too much.

Instead I would like to see some greater effects of destroying their components. Yes, if you disarm them, they can just try to kill you in close combat.

But you still cannot disarm an apocalypse hunter, as far as I know…

But what about the machines eyes? I would love to be able to really make them blind… That they don’t know where the player(s) is/are and just shoot randomly somewhere.

That goes along with the player detection in general. One shot and they know where you are… This should be improved. Maybe ok for heavy and loud guns (sound detection), but it’s the same (at least for me) with silenced weapons. At this point: silenced weapons exist, but they are as weak that you need so many shots for a single machine that it would be impossible to destroy one completly without being detected (except proto runners maybe).

Oh… I feel I’m going off the rails… :sweat_smile:

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This improves with experience. When I play solo and want to destroy machines without being detected it is very easy to destroy all the hunters and runners near a bigger machine and then use terrain, buildings, rocks and trees, just about anything big enough to hide behind. While slowly destroying that beast. Then not even trigger them into combat mode. It takes a lot more time than just using your most overpowered weapon, laughable, and blast away till done.

It is also fun to shoot something near a machine and make it look. Then they go back to just standing till you repeat the shot again, then again and a again. It looks like it is stuck in a loop.

More fun is the machine looks in your direction, the yellow combat status lights up and you hit something near them and it makes them turn. Then they turn back to you and start scanning again.
A level 6 AG4 and a level 5 silencer on single shot is weapon of choice.

There’s a lot of silenced weapons in the game that could be considered overpowered, since firepower has not been defined as any set standard. A silenced pistol like an N9 level 5 with level 5 silencer& mag is very handy at distracting the machines to get in closer to set traps or something.

But you learn how to distract the machines so they don’t know they are being destroyed, would that be considered an overpowered weapon you are using?

I know I don’t have as many hours as a lot of the regular posters in the forum but I do have enough experience and developed tactics that when I want to be, I AM the most over powered weapon in the game and it’s not from the use of any one weapon but what I have in my bag of tricks, the use of the terrain on the map and everything else to defeat the machines.


@JuanEyeJack I really enjoy your answers.

I was curious, the devs mentioned that they thought the Homing Turret to be very powerful, what do you think about the crafting cost is it worth the price of the turret?

Personally, I think I would easily see the Homing Turret as OP if the turret dropped from machines and loot boxes.

I might even venture to say the Homing Turret would be more OP than the PVG 90. If the turret drop as loot.

What do you guys think?