What to keep, what to drop


We’re a group of pretty new players, avoiding spoilers & mata gaming at all costs, working our way through the game.

Sadly we’ve come across one major obstacle, that being Storage Space. I can understand a limit, and some of the reasons it might be in place but it’s really hard. We have no idea what to keep and what to discard. Some things are easy, ammunition types, some of the others are not so easy.

We prefer playing the game when there’s time, not setting up crude experiments nor spending too much time on inventory management. I also understand that inventory changes must be able to work in multiplayer. So it’s either a change for everyone, no one or extra coding for a flag that will divide players online.

All this being said I think the easiest solution would be to ask the community how they would prioritize the general explosives / lures and ammo types. And maybe also a list of completely useless stuff that would be a no-brainer to dump.

I know people will have different opinions and that’s fine. Any guidance regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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First of all - do you use Plundra?

Don’t gather ammo types that you will not use (.32 for example).
The same goes for all throwables, consumables (med kits, adrenaline), car batteries, boom boxes, etc. - they are plentiful, easily to find.

Don’t pick up every gun you’ll find… unless with intent of dismantling it for crafting materials, or if it’s better quality than the one you already have.
The same goes for all weapon attachments.


Thanks for the reply and yes we do, and apologies, I should have been clearer - Plundra space is the issue.

.32 always goes and we’re looting all weapons but will drop if it’s not an upgrade. I assume you have to remove the weapon from the container to allow for a different one to spawn? Think I saw it was on a 4 hour timer?

I guess we’ll just have to adapt and use what we find rather than trying to stock up.

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No. You opening the loot bag/box is enough to start the 4h timer for it’s refresh.

As far as what to keep, depends on your play style.

For example: if you do not set traps (placing explosive on the ground) and then luring machines to it (with e.g radio), you don’t need any of these items (radio, boombox, comm array lure, gas tank, fuel cells). Also, they weigh quite a lot, often 1kg per item.

2nd example: if you’re shotgun user, you might want to pick up all shotgun ammo you’ll see. If you don’t use shotgun, don’t pick up the shotgun ammo.


That’s very good to know, thank you.

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On a little sidenote, it’s 4 hrs ingame play-time, just to mention it…

Personally I always also keep some medipacks and adrenaline in case I need to restock but don’t find enough of them right then. And I also keep some rare ammo, e.g. EMP rounds for the M49 when I find them, they come into good use for one of the achievements (<- not too much of a spoiler, I hope…).
The same goes for large comm array from seekers, they are too rare to ditch them right away and come to a good use sometimes.

If you ever need some gastanks and a boom box radio to regularly set up traps, I can tell you a place where you can retreive that stuff on every visit though. (unlock of a certain safehouse required…)

My 2 Ct. …


My plundra is… empty.
Well, save for 1 weapon that I need to put onto my mule, found that yesterday, to give this away.

I do not use Plundra myself, really.
I do not need it, all I really need I have on me, and nothing else.
What is ‘unusable’ TO ME is simply left behind.
Why pick up a green weapon if I have a purple version?
If I find a Gold one, why not empty the rifle I have, unmount the attachments, drop the purple, and put all on the gold one?
I am practical, I am tactical (I have been a 1st Lt in the Belgian Army), so that comes natural to me.
And for me it pays off.
Some believe this is a Hoarding Sim, few do not, I am one of the few.

So, it comes down to your preference.
What to keep, what to throw away.
If you do not use Radios, why keep them.
If you prefer gas tanks over landmines, why keep landmines?
You want a gun version of every quality?
Well, though it is not advisable, you can.

Also, you can make a mule, sir.
This is a character that holds certain stuff, you do not really use.
An excess of ammo, or several guns, or maybe health packs or Adren Pens…
Thus you set this second character up as a storage.

To me: I just have what I REALLY need.
For you… well you have to decide that for yourself, good sir.

To each his own…

Yesterday I had a save game corruption, which could’ve been related to muling.
Then, since it was hardly over limit (maybe 1kg), I doubt that, still…
Personally I think the client (me) closed off badly from the server (I went to a person to drop off a weapon) when I disconnected.
STILL, could be the mule, I truly cannot say.
Up to you, sir. :slight_smile:


I simply keep one 5 crown version of each weapon plus one of each 6 crowns in the plundra for collector reasons. Also, stuff like excess medkits and ammo. I also collected a lot of radios and EMP’s for the FNIX rising challenges, which I now keep because I might need them again at some point


Hey 2 tips from my side are about ammo boxes and health boxes. I see almost in every stream with pontus when he scrolles through his inventary that he carries 2 ammo boxes but often has not enough ammo.

So tip 1: Use ammo boxes immediately
One box has a weight of 1 kg and you can use then to get 3 times ammo. 3 rockets have a weight of 0,75 kg.
90x7,62mm have a weight of 0,36 kg
I think you get my point.

Tip 2: use health boxes as soon as possible.
One box has a weight of 1 kg and heals 60 hp.
20 simple health kits weigh 1 kg but heal 500 hp.
10 normal health kits weigh 1 kg but heals 500 hp.
5 advanced health kits weigh 1 kg but heals 375 hp.
I even try to use the advanced before the others.
Try to use them in the moment you find them. I often saw pontus looting with 40-60 hp and didn’t take the health box he just found because it was too heavy. Take it, drop it and heal up to 100. And if there is still one charge left, it is only 20 hp you dont use.


Thanks again all for the input, some really useful stuff here.

Wow, plus the fact that you have to wait till you’re <26 or overheal makes the hp/weight ratio even worse.

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Here, playing at different difficulty level comes in, that defines the value of advanced first aid kit.

Playing on Adventurer difficulty, you’ll get hit and often end up with 70HP or 50HP remaining, unless you skip healing yourself where you end up below 25HP. On Guerilla difficulty (where i play), it often takes 1 hit from machine to drop my HP down to 20 or so.

Due to this, advanced first aid kits are more valuable in higher difficulty level. Also, the time that takes to heal yourself is also shorter. Just consume one and switch back to a weapon. With simple or standard kits, you have to consume them several times to get your HP from 20 back to 100, costing you time that you may not have, especially on higher difficulty.


A bit off topic but I’ve read, of course avoiding digging in too deep, that in Guerilla difficulty the game changes into a run-and-gun affair because traps and strategy are no longer as viable as brute force damage. I really hope this is incorrect - Our plan, whilst taking our time enjoying Skirmish is to complete the game on Guerilla difficulty afterwards. (Kids and I are a bit addicted to COOP - been playing MC,7d,ARk,RftA etc for a couple of years)
Edit: RotA => RftA

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What is MC and RoTA?
And yes, Guerrilla is hard, i doubt you will be ready for it without experimental weapons (mostly the EXP PVG90), lots of ammo and medkits and being level 31 having the right perks, like Vanguard.
Don´t want to be rude, but that´s how it is.


Minecraft & RftA* Remnant: From the Ashes

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I carry only 3 weapons (exp PG90, exp AG4 and 5* AG5, all fully upgraded), ammo (5.56, 7.62 and .50) and medical supplies. Nothing else.
I haven’t found any good use to grenades, flares, distraction devices, EMP, fireworks, etc. They are more of a gimmick than actual use for me.
My (Doom like) play style is always putting as much distance between me and the robots as possible, strafing like crazy and shooting them with single fire to the critical points until they are nothing more than smoking pile of junk.


How I sort my stuff:

Character 1 / lvl. 31 Vanguard -
Retired due to crappy perk choices, carrying nothing.

Character 2 / lvl. 31 Vanguard -
6* PVG 90 with 600 rounds.
6* KVM 59 with 5-7000 rounds.
6* Kpist with 2-3000 rounds.
5* Magnus with 150 rounds.
5* Brönnboll Bat.
10 sticky flares + 10 fireworks.
20-30 adrenaline shots.
Lots of medkits.

Character 3 / lvl. 9 Marksman -
6* PVG 90 with 600 rounds.
5* Älgstudsare with 150 rounds.
6* AG4 with 5000 rounds.
5* Sjöqvist with 200 rounds.
5* Magnus with 150 rounds.
10 sticky flares + 10 fireworks.
20-30 arenaline shots.
Lots of medkits.

Character 4 / lvl. 0 -
Currently my mule, carrying some surplus of ammo and medkits, but most importantly carrying my own collection of fully modded weapons. This character only serves to hold things I want to keep for myself and maybe use later.

Plundra -
Holding some extra ammo of the types I use the most. Also some spare medkits and adrenaline.
I mainly use the Plundra to store a large variety of 5* and a few 6* weapons, and a ton of 5* attachments that I want to give away whenever I meet new players who actually need them.

(So anyone, let me know if you need anything if you’re on PC.)

I never pick up gas tanks, fuel cells, radios, comm arrays, EMP’s, frag and smoke grenades, Paramedic packs, and I don’t really use the M/49 grenade launcher either…

That being said, endgame and new game playstyles are very different in this game. :slight_smile:


Not wholly correct, sir.
While run’n’gun only is a good manner, it actually means RUN and gun.
90% running, taking one or two shots and hope you hit.

Tactical approach is more interesting.
Long distance engagement, use of terrain, use of cover, …

Especially in Gorilla Mode it’s unwise to go p close, sir.
Them botsies are tough, and they dare to shoot back, even. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, and this is a horrible shame, there’s no death penalty.
IMHO there should be a damn heavy one.
All skill effects reduced, and will regain over an hour or so.
Folks care not for death, and that’s extremely bad juju… :frowning:

Can be done, I did it, sir, and doing this again…
Went from endgame Marksman to Vanguard, as MM is buggered.
It is very doable, if one uses his brain, sir.

Same here, sir.
They are no more than an annoying inventory filler to me. :slight_smile:
Though, I prefer a more tactical approach, myself, sir.

LVL 22 Vanguard:
Gold Klauke - Gold Silencer: 250 rounds.
Blue '59’er - gold LMG Compensator: 1000 rounds
Gold A4 - Green 4x8, blue Silencer, Green Clip: 250 rounds.
Purple .50 - Purple 6x12: around 350 rounds.

HP Packs: as many as I can carry (and find, of course), so to speak.

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After getting fairly experienced, I ended up systematically dropping the following:

  • All non-AP ammo (I only keep 500 units of each type and still collect the rest but only to dispense to the team)
  • All small fuel cells and compressed air cans (Medium/Large fuel cells are plenty enough)
  • Once you get your hands on a decent PVG90, discard all .243 and .270 ammo forever
  • All excess handgun ammo, maybe store 50 units of each max

There’s probably some I forgot but that’s the gist of it.

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You have always to contradict me :sweat_smile:
Of course it can be done, but he is playing with kids, and he is a new player, it can be done but it will be frustrating to have weak weapons, not enough ammunition and not being a Pro or Veteran , in the end they will die a lot of times.

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Do you guys play on PS4 by any chance?