Whats up with the boats


Why can’t you use the boats I noticed a lot of boats on the coastline you can’t roam or I know they’re not powered boats but that would be great using the boats estate of the bikes


it would be great if in the future the islands could be accessible by them right? maybe in each one some secret bunker with more answers, or npcs like a “safe” Evac Area , it would not destroy the game balance.


I brought this up a while ago too. I can only assume that either it’s because boats are slow and make you into a target, or there’s some kind of water-based Machine we haven’t seen yet. It would make sense, since it’s in an archipelago.


So, let the player be a target! Get on the boat, sail 10 or 20 meters, be bombed and teleported to the land. Or the player can use chaft rounds or flares or any other ideia to trick the machines and get to the destination.

The idea of ​​the underwater machine is a good one, already used in Risen. In this game a giant tentacle wrapped itself around the character and dragged him to the depths of the sea, even has a trophy for that.

I understand that the island aim to contain the player on the map, an alternative to the invisible walls of Elder Scrolls or Fallout and that’s good. Im my opinion, incorporating another idea, more appropriate to the story, would greatly increase the immersion.