Whats up with the boats

Why can’t you use the boats I noticed a lot of boats on the coastline you can’t roam or I know they’re not powered boats but that would be great using the boats estate of the bikes

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it would be great if in the future the islands could be accessible by them right? maybe in each one some secret bunker with more answers, or npcs like a “safe” Evac Area , it would not destroy the game balance.

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I brought this up a while ago too. I can only assume that either it’s because boats are slow and make you into a target, or there’s some kind of water-based Machine we haven’t seen yet. It would make sense, since it’s in an archipelago.

So, let the player be a target! Get on the boat, sail 10 or 20 meters, be bombed and teleported to the land. Or the player can use chaft rounds or flares or any other ideia to trick the machines and get to the destination.

The idea of ​​the underwater machine is a good one, already used in Risen. In this game a giant tentacle wrapped itself around the character and dragged him to the depths of the sea, even has a trophy for that.

I understand that the island aim to contain the player on the map, an alternative to the invisible walls of Elder Scrolls or Fallout and that’s good. Im my opinion, incorporating another idea, more appropriate to the story, would greatly increase the immersion.

Dear DEV Team,

the game plays along swedish coastlines.
Why the player cannot drive boats ?
Does it make sense ?!?
In that area of Sweden many people own a boat; it is a common vehicle!

Why you have put such an implausible restriction to your game ?

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N ey tiree
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Its to avoid invisible walls.

Its a game, not real life, so there is a limit to how much stuff can be loaded into memory, so every game you´ve ever played has had this exact map-limitation, the implementation differs.
Some games use invisi-walls (i HATE them!!!), some use visible walls, like buildings and cliffs.
Generation Zero uses the water as a natural barrier.

Merged topics regarding boat use


Well, the water as barrier for the open world is okay; but it is not a reason for the restriction on boats!

  • it is rather simple to make boats as a vehicle container (look at fishing planet and their fine solution).
  • just “draw a line” around the open world and you get a much better barrier

It is not a technical issue, it is the question to do or not to do!

Bon Chance!

N ey tiree
(xbox one x)

Maybe the player characters are afraid to use boats because what happened to them at the beginning of the game and they don’t want to take any chances with them again? :smiley:

There is at least one boat and one raft in the game that was used to get away from the island. But they never got far. Something got them. And who hoarded all the oars?

There is one, operational motor boat, in the game, that players can use any time they desire. It is located between Östertörn and Himfjäll. I’d say that this one boat is more than enough.

Unfortunately a large portion of the community seems generally opposed to the idea of vehicles. There’s a whole thread about it and there’s an incredible amount of negativity surrounding it.

With boats it’s kinda understandable because boats would allow players to move beyond the intended play area.