When moving from crouch to prone with controller, we shouldn't stand up first

It breaks stealth when this happens. If possible, it would be awesome if we could move from crouch to prone by holding the B, or circle buttons without standing up.


I think the problem is that when you’re holding Circle (and whatever it is on Xbox), the game first registers that you’ve pressed circle and then that you’re holding circle.

So when you’re standing and hold circle, the game registers you pressing circle and makes you crouch, then registers that you’re holding it and makes you go prone.

And then when you’re crouching it registers pressing circle so you stand up, and then registers holding it so you go prone from the standing position.

Or at least that’s what I’ve surmised.

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Yes, that’s how it works.
They just would have to change crouch and stand up from “on button press” to “on button release” with higher priority for “on button hold” in my opinion.

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