Where will GZ go, if you had allsay?


I had a few posts now, with ideas from new machine types up to entire ideas of where the story could lead to.
Idea here is not that any of this post is to be used by me, it is a straight-forward question (although fairly elaborated, I agree).
But I think, it could be a fun experiment…
One thing though: This post is not about right or wrong, there IS no right, nor a wrong.
Would you like to take it to the pre-history of our planet?
Do so.
Would you like to bring in the frikken Power Rangers, yeah be my guest.
Well, if that fancies your interest, sure…
To ME, I would like to stay SOMEWHAT (Aliens, go frikken figure, right? lol) in touch with the base game (and DLC), since, it is still VERY open, the story.
“Set in stone” story, it can still become a twisted, even asylum-ready story, as what is set in stone, does not really seems to be set in stone at all, yet…
Or… is it?
Up to you.
One of my favourite was aliens: an extra-(intra???)terrestrial species try to take the planet over by using our tech against us.
“WHY???” I hear you ask, well, simply put: it opens a galaxy of possibilities.
New (hi-tech) machines, new technologies to play with, additional crafting possibilities, just… a whole plethora of galaxies of ideas.

I also brought a few others up, but those, PERSONALLY (my TASTE), are not so interesting due to their limitations.

But, all the above?
Bah, mere an intro into this post, an example.

What I REALLY would LOVE to see is this:
You, miss and sir, will be the fictive future of GZ, the writer, the lead.
Upon your shoulders lays the future of GZ, the story.
Now, pick up your pen, take a mountain of paper, naturally an erasing tool should you want to fix a bit, and start to write: “Where does it lead to…”

I am SO darn curious as to what YOU, my player friend, would like to see in the story of GZ… :wink:

For those participating, thank you.
I truly look forward to see how “the perfect game” would look for you… :slight_smile:


So, I am (how naughty of me) Necromongering this threat.


Well, I still am VERY curious as to how you would like GZ to evolve, and one has to merge topics. :slight_smile:

Right now, with FR, we had some nice alterations.


While, sure, defence building we saw in HJimnfall, we now have other new implemented things, like the truck we have to protect.

And this ROCKS!!!

But… what from here…?
Something else?

How would YOU like to see the story go, what would YOU like to add, or change?

I cannot wait to see your ideas…


@Xogroroth you are everywhere this days, my theory is that you are FNIX, that explains everything :thinking: .
Now joke aside, sometimes SIMPLE is better.

  • No aliens, Fnix keeps expanding and learning, half of Sweden under is control.
  • There is a perimeter that periodically keeps expanding and pushing NATO and URSS forces.
  • Skirmishes happen and usually those same forces loose and leave some equipment behind and dead bodies, this would explain future weapons and gear additions to the game, new weapons and items near dead special forces and near wreckage (let us say destroyed Bmps or t72´s and jeeps and for NATO counterpart destroyed Leopard tanks).
  • The resistance keeps targeting key facilities and enemies camps, new Machine types appear to repel the small assaults.
  • The 3 remaining islands have the secrets to disrupt and destroy Fnix Rule.
    Some random soldier or resistance npcs in skirmishes at fixed locations.
  • A final mission to stop Fnix to spread to the entire World, preventing a Satellite launch.

Note: Internet was quite localized in that time, so Fnix would spread from Satellites to all Military systems and Missile Silos and to some other available civilian opportunities.


Absolutely, I fully agree there, sir!!!
But, I said, this was purely an example of how far something COULD go, as per:

Now, I would not mind aliens, note, but that is me.
I DO respect your opinion here, sir, and you know this, I think. :slight_smile:
Still, it was nothing but mere example.

Otherwise, nice ideas, sir.
Thank you very much for your input. :slight_smile:


But does it make sense?
Is it convincing ?
And what would anyone add to improve it?


Frankly, this topic was no so much about making sense, or being it convincing, sir.
It was meant to have a free run for the mind, for the imagination.
While sure, one has to consider those points, even going extreme such as my alien example CAN fit the game, if the devs so desired.
Not? :wink:
It’s all how you implement the story.
In the aliens example: in game there was theorizing of alien interference.
This got shot dead.
But… what if…?
In deepest secrecy, there could have been alien contact.
And they gave us the means to make these machines.
But, we not knowing or understanding their technology,… we implemented their system to take control over “our” machines.
And through “our” machines, they now fight us, humans.
While farfetched, integrating this as story… COULD be the games future, is it not?
Not saying, this has to be it, let that be clear.
But if the story is well told, there could even be Neanderthals, or dinosaurs.
IF well told, IF well implemented…
And this is what I am asking the players, how would YOU, player, love to see it evolve…

Here’s another idea for a DLC part: a massive war between man (NPC) and machine, and you have to do missions in the heat of this war zone.
Be it delivering data to other officers, or do sabotage missions (that FORCE you to be stealthy, or it fails), or you need to get materials, ammo or whatever to help platoon X out, …
The options are virtually limitless.

As I!!! see it, this would suit the game, the story, it would basically fit GZ itself.

Now… this idea is nigh impossible, I THINK (I am no programmer).
I mean: have like 100 NPC humans fight 100NPC machines… I can see that this would require a healthy system.
Also, to program each NPC to do it’s thing, would cost so much time…

But dangit… epic it WOULD be, if possible… :slight_smile:

How would you see such a battle, sir @Mr_A1992?


Well, there won’t be the perfect game, I’m quite sure, because too many are screaming for new weapons, new robots, even tougher fights and anything else and cannot be satisfied.

This is because everyone has their own taste of how the game should look and taste can be argued excellently.

How should it go on?
Well we have taught FNIX a problem on Hjimfall and the same in FNIX Rising. We destroyed another computer. We are dealing with an artificial intelligence and I think it will be a connection between man and machine.
It is not extraterrestrial, no it is homemade. An experiment went wrong and you could not pull the plug in time. Maybe members of the iron church are behind it, maybe or who else. I don’t think Van Ulmer and I don’t think Holberg.

FNIX is not dead, it just fled and is gathering again. In my mind, FNIX is a collective, a collection of neuron molecules that later formed its own intelligence.
The goal of FNIX will be to gain dominion over Sweden, to become bigger by absorbing even more intelligences to become more powerful. Then maybe dominion over the whole world.

What would I like to see in the game?

more mysterious locations, more house-to-house fights, gloomy buildings. A scavenger hunt for information. Maybe a castle that has to be fought free and whose dungeons have a supercomputer. Perhaps a mine with many passages and caves.

Hopefully we’ll see what to expect on the three islands.
Maybe we will have to defend Stockholm after all.

There will be a lot of opinions about this and of course the devs will keep us tortured. While we diligently walk around the map collecting ammunition.


Well, unless we have optional systems in please, sir, I agree.
The April patch should have been that, an optional mode.
Sadly… it was base implemented, affecting all players… :frowning:
And of course, I had to miss that.
Would have loved to have that one.
Ah well.

So, Birth of the Borg (Star Trek) so to speak, I love that.
As for FNIX, the AI, it might as well live in space, taken over a satellite or so, you mean?
Uploaded it’s data off-world?
Or did I get this wrong, good sir?

Otherwise very nice post, thank you, sir!!! :slight_smile:


With the Borg you are on a hot trace. If you have read Perry Rhodan the Posbis would be a connection between a biological being and Computers through hypertoyktic interlockimg. Also there was a being that calls himself “It” and it is a beeing what consists of a a collection of consciousnesses what formed a super intelligence. That’s science fiction literature.

I was talking about a collection of Neurons. Neurons are really exists and in the latest researches had found out that on molecular level are Neuron Molecules are existing. And this transports the electric impulses to the synapses in our brain. The scientists are thinking that the molecules are basicly for our beeing for that what we call a soul.

In my Imagination they where extracted from the Brain by the Method that Ingrid Granqvist and Svante van Ulmer developed under the Leadership of Frederik Holberg.
Pherhaps Members of the Iron Church or some terorrists had infiltrated the scientist grouo around van Ulmer and after the experiment with van Ulmer suceedet they pressed Holberg to transport their brains into the Computer with the goal to get hands over the Roboter Army what was built by Holberg.


Oh i like that idea!
But 100 machines in the same zone would be problematic for the game engine, they just have to keep respawning nearby and that´s done, the same with the npcs :smile: .


How could I NOT have read Perry Rhodan?
It’s a German masterpiece.
Or, I should say, series of masterpieces.
Classics, if one is into Sci Fi, then that is must read literature!

Neurons: Well, yes, I get that.
However, the AI is more data than anything else at this point, is it not?
We destroyed 2 AI points now, and yet… he is there, still… so WHERE is he?
Or is that mere a tool, and is the good doctor Ulmer not dead, but somehow or the host, or FNIX itself?
Or is it something entirely different?
Maybe, having himself linked to the machine part of FNIX, he lost his humanity, and became something inbetween?
Who knows… time will tell. :slight_smile:

I fear that much as well.
Now, each NPC does not need to have actual AI (human or machine), these can run a specific set of commands, doing pre-programmed functions in combat.
But that still would require a decent system, I suspect…
Who knows, maybe 2 years from now, someone brings out a 128bit PC… :stuck_out_tongue:
That might help a wee! :wink:


I would reapply the April 2020 update and create 2 or 3 more difficulty levels.



It is that simple.
Well… in programming, never really anything is simple, is it… :wink:


Hm. How come this thread isn’t locked due to thread necromancy? No offense to the OP.


Resurrecting a thread is fine if you bring something to the discussion. Seeing as it’s Xog’s own topic anyway, I’m sure a lock isn’t necessary in this case.


Why thank you, sir @Xezr.

I necroed it, because I did not want to create a new topic.
I have been suspended before, and I do not ever want that again.

So, since it was this topic… it seemed logical, to do what I was told: merge into existing (even if dead) topics. :slight_smile:

I hoped for more activity, though…
Ah well, one cannot have all.

I hope, this suffices as answer?


Is it really, though?

They currently have 3 difficulty levels. If they set it up correctly, each option can look like this:
(Amounts are not accurate)

Adventure = A

Hunter HP = 10
Hunter Canon Tracking time = 7 seconds
Tank HP = 500

Guerilla = B

Hunter HP = 50
Hunter Canon Tracking time = 4 seconds
Tank HP = 1000

Depending on how they have the code setup, they could easily just do a copy and paste to create a new difficulty level. Copy June 2020 Guerilla code and call it something else. Copy April 2020 Guerilla code and paste it and either keep it called Guerilla or rename it to something else (like April 2020 :wink: )

I am not a game dev, but I have coded a few minor things here and there. And, yes, it CAN be that simple to copy paste sometimes depending on how the game is setup. Really the most time consuming process of this is testing it, but it was already tested by gamers for 3 months between April 2020 to June 2020. And no hardcore gamer said it was impossible. Extremely challenging most certainly, but I would never call April 2020 impossible. I just finished playing a game where one of the bosses was far more annoying than any robot was in April 2020. April 2020 made the robots act like…umm…robots. :robot:


It does look so simple, right?
But I fear, it is not that simple.

Then again, what do I know, in all honesty, I never tried to code, or do stuff like this…
Could be just that simple, indeed. XD

EDIT: I once was in a game, some dungeon, needed to kill a boss.
Boss FINALLY arrived… and we began to engage it.
Boss came with 2 hour timer.

@ 1.9% to go… the timer ran out… and that boss… regained FULL health.
I quit the game right there and then.


Hi Xogger,

That last point is how I feel about all “Waves” missions.

For me the standard game after you have finished the final mission would be that the machines attempt to clear their lines, by forming a sweep line across the islands and advancing to contact. Thus every two days or so a line of machines would appear and sweep towards you. You could decide to fight them, in which case you’ve got your “horde” or “waves”, or you could run, or you could hide and let them pass over, or you could infiltrate and pass through. But there would never be a moment when “nothing was happening”. You would be partially on the defensive all the time, and whatever you wanted to do would have to be done with the search line in mind.

Added to that, I think it would be cool to have AI NPCs to fight with you, for solo players. Perhaps only for certain missions, or if you wanted them for some task that was too difficult on your own.

I thought of a better way to do difficulty levels too, but can’t remember what it was. I’ll come back when I can.


I’ve really enjoyed reading the suggestions here. Some great ideas that would work within the GZ remit. As @Avalanche_gipskatt often says on stream, "on a long enough time-line, anything is possible " and considering they embrace the community for ideas and feedback - there’s a chance one day it might.

But to go somewhere, you must also leave something behind. There - is where the problem still remains, and honesty if I had to share a genuine opinion ( in a very opinionated world ) they need to go back to why it happened.