Who would like these new features?

I think that you should be able to have a device that disables the machines and you could have a menu where if you are nearby a bot and it is perma disabled you can re program it so it fights for you but they keep damage you inflicted and you could have to have rarer materials for better machines like tanks and harvesters oh and you could re program a harvester to like roam and get loot in a location and the further up the map the more loot but the more danger of it being wrecked and it could farm ammo and meds and stuff i think it would be cool because you won’t die every 5 min as u would have a ‘teammate’ to help you fight u think a lot of players would really like that but you could have a setting to turn it on and of in your world for a more immersive experience please consider this it’d be super cool :slight_smile:

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