Why are there tutorials for crafting, equipment storage, apparel enhancement, and resource station when they don’t exist in game?


What the title says. Why are these tutorials enabled if the features they describe don’t exist in the game? That seems really sloppy.


Beacuse they are going to be adding crafting blueprints to find and stations to all safehouses guns ect can be scrapped for meterials and they will be adding a storage box to store things sometime with the next update Along with improvements and bug fixes


Graham ( dev ) Was asked this question on an early stream ( week 2 i think ) , from the info out there it is a teaser for future use , also a house has been discovererd boarded up with one openable entrance with a locked shed , :point_left: this was a normal house and shed before first Patch update , here is thread where the forum was discussing this topic a month ago :point_right:TUTORIAL ? RESOURCE and CRAFTING ? SEE fOR YOURSELF we will get answers maybe next live stream Wednesday , PS Directions to boarded safe house is in the link above , cheers :sunglasses:


Crafting right there!!!
Who said, it was not ingame? XD


Its not in the game as of yet crafting stations are being added to safehouses so are storage boxes along with th scrapping station


Scrapping WILL arrive “SOON™”…


It’s just like theHunter COTW, they like to drop in little easter eggs of future content when they update their games :smirk:


I’m a fairly new player still and I’ve been going through the game expecting to see a crafting station or something soon, but no. So these things aren’t even in the game. Why don’t they just call it early access, it’s not right.


Wow Aye 5 day’s before you asked your question @Northlander got it in one :+1: with you being new here @Tomarlyn f you ever need to know some thing goto home page of this forum ‘’ one click back out of this page ‘’ and top right corner is the search icon , then Type for example > ‘’ crafting station ‘’ that way you can pick a topic and see what the forum have added up to now , Good hunting :smiley:


they should probably either take them out of the tutorial or add “coming soon?” to them
the way they have them listed right now makes it look like they are supposed to be there and not working