Window frame detaches from house

I have never seen a window frame pop out of the house like this? Was wondering if this was a glitch.

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Destructible houses confirmed?! :laughing:

Whut. As cool as it is to see, that looks like it probably isn’t an intended feature… :thinking:

Or maybe it slipped past the dev build… Nah yeah it’s probably a glitch

This looks pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind having more destructibles. it would make camping in houses a bit more risky, even if the walls would only get holes.

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Found it. Looks like the window gets dislodged just by walking into it.



Illuminati? or someting worse…

Some more pictures from an outside perspective. :sunglasses:

thanks for the location man! I honestly could not remember where that happened

I’ve forwarded this to the devs for a future fix :slight_smile:

cool! This was quite funny.


I don’t know if this is a bug, but it would be a cool feature.

oh yeah i remember this. I had seen it, and reported it before. let me see if i can find the post i made. It was really funny though.

Edit: here is the post , a mod said they forwarded it to the devs for a future fix.

I wish they would turn it into a feature.
I personally always appreciate destructible game worlds.

yeah it would be epic. Maybe if it was a performance problem. then set breakable patterns. Each building has set breakable panels. And are random.

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