Woodcutter Side Mission Help (minor spoilers)

Working on the Woodcutter side mission in the Forest Region.

First off, I am using the GZwiki site for the starting coordinates of Side Missions and hard to find side mission objectives.

When I go to the starting coordinates listed for Woodcutter (Granhygget 1630,-1820), I don’t know if the mission auto started or what, but the side mission Available marker just keeps hopping back and forth between both ends of the logging camp.

This is the first mission I’ve encountered where the mission marker didn’t just stay in one static spot over the item I need to interact with.

I’ve searched around the camp some for the logger’s journal that starts the mission, but there’s a substantial enemy force there and now I’m out of gaming time until later tonight or tomorrow.

I know I’m supposed to start the mission by reading the journal, then find a key for the manager’s cabin and open said cabin to find a shotgun.

Thanks in advance for any info / help!


This brings back some memories.

Journal to key to shotgun if memory serves

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Yes, but where is the journal?


Granhygget is one of the best hotspots for the machines and almost always, there is heavy presence of machines there (great spot for big battles, especially after dropping heavy comm array lure).

However, relying too heavily on spoon feeding icons, leads to these kind of situations where players are incapable of advancing since the icon doesn’t direct them accurately anymore. Here, i’d take the training wheels off and learn to ride the bike on two wheels.

Mission start item loc (spoiler)

Inside the truck, driver side.

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Ouch, but also thank you kindly.

*guiltily taps “Hide Details” arrow


East Office next to mission start for Journal

Car for key

Logs stacked up - soldier against it dead near a runner

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Thanks muchly!


Mission done, side mission trophy achieved!

With mission complete, this topic has served it’s purpose and i’ll lock it.