Worst robot enemies?

As a Swede this game is a lot of fun. The scenery and weather simulations are great, as is the music/sfx.

I wanted to see what robots y’all thought are the worst to encounter. This mainly applies to those of you who have reached a certain level and have encountered Apocalypse tanks and Fnix dogs/runners AND have some cool guns. Here is my list:

  1. Missile shooting dogs. These suckers just won’t give up and their missiles just take all my health…and their reload is like 2 sec. Horrible.
  2. Runners that shoot those exploding 44.cal bullets. These runners/hunters are almost as bad as the missile dogs, especially in packs of 3 or more.
  3. Runners/hunters that shoot gas missiles and drop ticks. Close contender for spot number 2. I just find that I have more time to dodge the gas mortars.
  4. Shotgun dogs. For some reason these dogs just get me. I think I can take them and then I’ve lost 75% health. Sneaky.
  5. Tanks and harvesters of any variety. Strangely, I don’t find tanks that hard anymore, especially in an open field. I can dodge their rain of fire and stay clear of their 50.cal guns. An exp 50.cal gun handles them well.

Honorable mention: ticks if any kind. These things are just annoying the snot out of me. Usually empty a cli at then just in case.


Runners with missiles are a pain. There’s usually two patrolling with every FNIX Harvester, and even though they take some time to lock into you then can spam missiles at you very quickly. I’d rather face a group of FNIX Hunters than those “rocket dogs” :sob:

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For me: Hunters, especially FNIX and apo.

Both can drop you from 100HP to 10HP in single shot. Also, they are fast, flank you and can take a beating.

FNIX RPG runners are cute, i like them. Also, since rockets don’t hit on an instant, you can dodge those slow moving rockets with ease.

In my opinion the worst enemy’s ive encountered was six apoc runners 3 apoc tanks 1 fnix harvester 4 fnix runners and 4 apoc class hunters
To note these where in the same area no real distance between them which ended up with a very scary sight of three tanks beginning to climb each orther

For me the number one pain in the butt are apocalypse hunters with their cluster grenade attacks.

Number two goes to FNIX runners with rocket launchers.

Rest is just a minor inconvenience :wink:


Though apo ticks really suck. They are quite tanky and agile, too.


This mission in the cave on Himfjäll? How I hated those little buggers.

I personally hate the fnix drones , why you may ask ? Well because they’re the do the same thing with the normal ones but in armor !

For me the worst robots are the apocalypse ones. They’ve managed to both make the game both cartoon and not fun at the same time.

Ticks. Hate those stupid things. They give you damage as soon as they jump, and seem to avoid direct hits even if you have them centered in your crosshairs…

The worst I’ve encountered are FNIX Rocket Runners. I’ve died to them more times than hunters and tanks, racking my death toll up to about 600. I just imagine every time they hit me with their rocket they shout out ‘VIBE CHECK!’ and then blow me to Timbuktu.

They can swipe you through walls too. Fun stuff.

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Apo hunters are the worst one for me.Fast,deadly and heavy armoured killing machines.

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You can’t even take off the rocket launcher. That basically coincides with the Hunter’s death.

When 3-4 hunters running on you first your step to find some sort of cover;))

I actually have a maybe unpopular opinion here;
I don’t hate any of the machines, i’m actually the total opposite where i love all of them :sweat_smile:
I love the rocket doggo’s they’re absolutely diabolical, and the apoco bots are my new worst enemy but in no way does that make me actually hate them, again i love the challenge :smiley:
The machines were a big part of why GZ was so interesting to me back when i saw those early beta players getting mucked up by these fearsome machines, so i’d be hard pressed to actually hate any of them!


You are such an admirable person, tene.


Well, yeah. You’re absolutely right, I love all of the machines. My disliking of them is more of a… Hm, tactical standpoint, I think? That I’m forced to switch up my approach during combat and adapt when one of those “less desirable” machine types join the fray, and I’m unable to keep up.

That’s how they win, y’know :robot:


That’s fair, tactile distaste is maybe a better word to use than hate! :smiley: But even then i kinda thrive on those moments… the “WOAH WHAT” reaction when you get side winded by a rocket doggo is always exhilarating for me :slight_smile: maybe i’m just twisted after playing this game for so long now :joy:

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Man I hate when people don’t get my sarcasm.


Well, the topic is about the worst machines, not the most hated one. To me, there’s a diff.
I don’t hate any of them either, i just don’t like them all at the same level, where hunters are at the bottom of the barrel.

Or leg it. No machine can shoot while moving (chasing after you) and if you keep moving, hunters can’t flank you that easily.
Though, apo hunter’s mortar cluster grenade damages you through the roof of single story building (e.g green 3-door military shack), making possible cover choices even smaller.