Wrong path, or how to get busted all the time?!

Hi all,

i need some guidance about how to stay alive :slight_smile:

iam new to this game (day 4 with GZ and level 12 now) and i am fine.
I like to explore and loot and search and try to find out how to kill the big robots without being killed.
But now iam a little frustrated… the january patch is on :frowning:
After finishing the start island i went to the south coast region and explore and done some missions there, but now its impossible for me to kill robots there!
I only find FNIX robots, most 4 or 8 hunters, no more normal once but the FNIX`s are to heavy for me.

The question for me atm is:
Did i run the right area first? Or it is better to switch and find some easyer enemys and get back with better stuff?

What should i do if there is no house or shelter to hide in and heal and try to kill the enemys?

And what should i do if iam running out of ammo, like i do since i have to fight that horde of fnix robots?

Max out your running speed, and keep on the move!

I just started a new game few days ago and first perk I went to was “Salvage” - it increases ammo drops A LOT (not 50% like in description… much more). I suggest you do the same.

If you don’t have lockpicking perk unlocked yet go for that key:

For a “fresh” player it would be better to engage hunters from inside of houses and barns. Traps are always a good option to soften/destroy the hunters (few gas cans + a boombox).

I think that Farmlands are much friendlier at start (much more prototype machines).

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The South Coast is merciless early on, even though the game leads you down there.
Both Farmlands and Forest regions are easier, and it may be wise to level up around there first. :slight_smile:
Those FNIX hunters with flechette cannons can be frustrating if you don’t have a load of medkits!
And like @0L0 said, max the salvage perk if you haven’t already. :+1:

Bloody fnix hunter are so accurate it’s crazy, don’t go messing with them until you have a good weapon

Well, thanks mates, i will max out running and salvage and switch to Farmlands and Forest region first.
Thanks :wink:

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Game regions have different order compared to the main story and difficulty in them.

Click here to see the list. No big spoilers.

Main mission wise: Archipelago -> South Coast -> Farmlands -> Forest -> Mountains -> Marshlands -> North Coast -> Himfjäll.

Difficulty wise: Archipelago -> Farmlands -> Forest -> South Coast -> Marshlands -> Mountains* -> North Coast* -> Himfjäll.

*To me, Mountains region is far harder than North Coast region due to the geography of the region.

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This helps too.

Oh no! Lots of trees to hide in and steep slopes that Hunters can’t follow. Lots of nice sniping positions from high ground. I hated the North Coast 'cos it’s too open. Hated the Farmlands for the same reason. But I never realised that the machines in the South Coast were tougher than Farmlands and Forest.

To me, North Coast is far easier than Mountains since in North Coast, you can see in well advance of any machine roaming around. With early spotting, the very least you have is time to figure out what to do next or if even to engage them. Sure, North Coast doesn’t offer much cover wise but early warning gives you better chances (just like in Farmlands).

Mountains, in the other hand, are heavily forested with great elevation changes and in there, you won’t see the machines coming from long distance. More often than not, you’ll wander into Seeker’s or Hunter’s aggro range without ever seeing them. And the 1st sign you get that they are there, are Hunter’s scream or Seeker’s horn. But at that time, it’s already too late and they are coming after you.
Also, there are hotspots in Mountains that are crawling with machines and if you’re not careful enough, you’ll find yourself in a battle where you are badly outnumbered and outmatched as well.

I’m all about picking my battles and assessing the machine threat. Can’t pick my battle if i’m discovered before i can discover the machines.

As far as South Coast goes, it does give players notion that it isn’t much harder than Archipelago is. But once there, only machines you’ll see are military (Northern part) and FNIX (Southern part). Farmlands have mostly proto and some military while Forest has mainly military with some FNIX machines.

When i did my 1st playthrough, my region order was like so: Archipelago -> South Coast -> Mountains -> Farmlands -> Forest -> Marshlands -> North Coast and much later, Himfjäll.

Being an early player myself (lvl14) here’s my 3 top tips I’ve learned so far.

  1. Early on even with good weapons you can die real easy so constantly be aware of your surroundings. You can easily stumble upon a pack of hunters and even if you think they can’t detect you it doesn’t take much for them to notice you and come a running.

  2. Only pick a fight if you have to. There’s no point on fighting every bot you see as you’ll quickly run out of ammo and health if you try to.

  3. If a fight is not going well then run. It’s hard early on to judge this but if you think your fighting one or maybe two enemy’s then suddenly you see 4 or 5 there’s a good chance they’ll get the better of you unless your near a house for protection. Again tactics and situational awareness are key early on.