WTF? despawning weapons AGAIN!

Platform: Xbox One X

Description: Me and my wife were playing together and all I did was change weapons from my main to my side arm and weapon vanished out of my inventory including ALL gold attachments. And then my wifes experimental disappeared in the same session. WTF?

Steps To Reproduce: did the same exact thing I did switched from main to side arm. thats what I did when it happened. My wifes experimental AG4 just vanished. 2nd time its happened. and I didnt drop it we scoured the area. Makes me not even want to play the game anymore. We spend hours playing this is a no go. thanks for being on top of this.

Images / Videos: Wasnt expecting it to happen nothing.

Host or Client: I was hosting. I know you can see what happened and exactly where I was.

Players in your game: 2 Me and my wife

Specifications: Xbox One X

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