XB1 crash on sign-in post November update - Please consider giving us access to your save file

I have exactly the same problem. Every time I log in the xbox freezes and quits the game

Lo he perdido todo…2 años y todo mi equipo y ahora llevaba jugando unas semanas y está segunda le ha pasado lo mismo.lo he perdido todo 2 veces

I am on PC using the Microsoft Store version and I have the same issue. My savegame is easier to retrieve then most other people. Would you like me to send it?

How do I message about the game crashing?

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Please use english, at least translated by google. It’s an english speaking forum.


Anything you need, you’ll find here:

the game is still buggy on the menu when I want to connect the game freezes, impossible to play with my profile, this is the second time it has happened in 20 years and only on this game :rage::sob::sob::sob: Were do i give my private information to resolve the issue? Am on series x.

How do I send you my info

I don’t know if it’s up to date, because the post you refer to is 2 years old and there already have been some updates after that. But you should be able to send this info by PM.
Click on the mods icon, there you should have the option to send a message.

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Thanks and I’m new to all this didn’t realise the post was 2 years old I was just eagerly trying to get my stuff back lol

Keep in mind that @Drennon hasn’t been seen since May 2021. So they might not see the info you’ve sent.

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Hi I’m not sure if this is the right post to reply to but I am having issues getting the game to start. I haven’t had this problem until yesterday when it says to press A (Xbox) play on the first sign in screen before the main menu it will start to load and just completely crash and exit to the Xbox home menu. I have tried uninstall and reinstall and it is still having that issue so if anyone can help me or guide me to the right person or thread I would greatly appreciate it!

im having this problem myself it just started today, im playing on pc but through the xbox store every time it trys to get my profile it freezes and the hole game crashes. what is the fix for it

Do you remember what you were doing last in the game? I’ve read on a recent post that multiple people haven’t been able to play because their save game file is corrupted and the last thing they were doing was building which I think I was building as well but I can’t exactly remember.

i have just started to do some building but the last thing i was going was making my way to my last bunker i needed then next time i went to log on it just crashes every time after i click on my profile for the game. my games not corrupted ive already checked that

From what I’m reading it’s a bug that has to deal with the building mechanic I believe. But what I’m also reading is that there is no way around it to get it fixed.

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Just started having the same problem was building in a base then boom crash and can’t load up, fresh installs and wipes do nothing. And I can’t find where the save files are to try and wipe that.

Unfortunately it sucks to say but whatever progress and items you had are now currently lost. It’s better explained in this thread here: "Corrupt save game" - #25 by SlowJ0-J0-J0
but best bet is to wipe your save data and start off fresh. If you need help with that part let me know but unfortunately this is the only way to play the game again after running into that certain bug.
"Corrupt save game" - #25 by SlowJ0-J0-J0

I need help!! Just got into this game and have been spending alot of time on it and got the fnix dlc. I started doing missions and once I got a new quest it crashed and dashboarded! Every time I try to get back into the game with this character it crashes within 15 secs. I don’t know what to do and I need help :pensive:

I’m playing on an Xbox Series X, I got to the mission where he is in the armored bus to go face Fnix and before I could do anything it crashed. Now every time I try to load my save it crashes as soon as I spawn in. I love this game I just don’t know how to fix it. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.