XB1 crash on sign-in post November update - Please consider giving us access to your save file



Hey everyone,

We decided it was important to create a new thread, because if you happen to still be experiencing this bug, we would like to cooperate with you directly. Please refer to the old thread here.

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue. We seemed to of fixed this issue for most players, but we want to make sure we can fix it for everybody. If you have any additional information to share about this issue, please continue to post it.

To be able to investigate this issue further internally, we need to the savegame files from all of those who were effected. Unfortunately, you can’t directly send them to us. They are saved locally to your XBOX and on your XBOX Cloud. To help us get them, we need your GamerTag and written permission to allow us to retrieve your savegame files from your XBOX cloud saves.

To help us with this, please private message me with your GamerTag and written permission. Please don’t post them here in this thread.

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