[Xbox] Co-op issues and missions not spawning

Thanks for fixing the crashes.

Two problems still remain:

  1. Toasters are not spawning in missions. For example, Defend the Southern Entrance in Tidal Wave does not spawn any enemies. So now the mission is stuck there and has been for more than a month.

  2. In co-op, players cannot hear or see the other player’s weapons or when they fire their weapons. Also, so toasters can hit one person but not the other (e.g. just fought two tanks in co-op and they couldn’t hit/damage me while the other person saw them hitting me with .50 rounds)

When reporting bugs, there are certain to-do things:

  1. Search the forums since chances are good that someone else has reported the bug before.
    For example:
    Tidal Wave mission issue: Tidal Wave - Unable to complete due to machines not spawning
    Sync issue: Invisible enemies for the host
  2. If forum search didn’t produce any same/similar results, make a bug report topic where you report one bug per topic and by following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

These kind of mash-up topics that include several bugs all together, without proper bug reporting template, are hard to monitor and are frowned upon.

That being said, topic closed.