Xbox Game Pass PC - Failed to Connect to multiplayer or session if full

Platform: PC - Xbox Game Pass
I have been unable to join multiplayer games with my friends. I keep getting Failed to join the multiplayer session, or the session is full. (0x00000001). My friends are on xbox and able to join each other, but when inviting them to my game or trying to join them this error occurs. I have checked that Generation has permissions for inbound and outbound traffic, deleted and reapproved the rules for inbound and outbound traffic, and still unable to join. I can’t find anything on my side that would explain being unable to join.
Host or Client: Both
Players in game: three, including me.
Specs: i5-11600k, RTX 3080, 16GB ram

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I have been beating my head on the wall all day trying to fix this same issue. Please someone help us. I truly enjoy playing gen zero with my son and until this is fixed it ain’t happening

Quick question, what are the version numbers your game and your friends? I mean the number in bottom right of main menu btw. I get the feeling that the version mismatch has reached Xbox side of things from PS now jusging by some posts on Discord and here.

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i have exactly the same problem pc and xbox can’t play together

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I have this same issue tried so many different things I’ve given up seems to be an issue with pc to xbox connection and I can’t figure out why.
I know this because cloud gaming worked fine connecting to xbox. forward on that xbox to xbox will be fine I think

Edit: just read there’s a version mismatch from pc and xbox (not checked) I think this is the issue, not sure how as we both downloaded the game today

Hey everyone! We’re aware of this issue and the team is looking into it at this moment! It seems that there is a version problem that makes the two platforms unable to connect to each other and thus disabling cross-play. We hope to have more information on this shortly that we can share with you. Thanks for reporting this to us!


thank you, now we know this issues is being worked on :slight_smile:

Will steam and xbox/pc work?
You can make a connection through a code, in a multiplayer game a code is generated to add friends :grinning:
code (1) code (2)

Any estimate when the patch will be released?

Any resolution or eta please?

No date for a fix right now unfortunately :C

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Do we have an ETA on the update. I’d really like to start with with my brother who has an xbox

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Hoping this gets addressed soon

I’m on PC and I only bought it to play with my xbox friend lol, please give a ETA for the update when possible, the game looks so awesome and I wanna play it with my buddies

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Any new information on when this situation will be fixed? Was right in the middle of some important exploring with my homie and since I’m on PC we can’t play together!

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I’d like to play with my son, please. :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently having this issue. Anyone update or ETA available? Would purchasing the full game correct the version mismatch?

This is for the devs and a warning to everyone who is encountering this issue. If you have an Xbox but are playing on PC but can’t join your friends and decide to go to the Xbox and use your same account don’t. Doing so will tell you that the data of your account is corrupted and will ask you if you would like to delete your data. Don’t press anything and exit out of that game I lost everything, from my experimental all the way to my maxed out character don’t press a. Just back out

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it’s getting really ridiculous i haven’t been able to play with anyone for what feels like a month and my savegame has been lost and i had completed it 100% generation zero is being uninstalled slowly i feel like i’m playing activision


Please is there any updates on solving the version mismatch?

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