XBOX O PS - Fashionista / Underneath Minken / Delorean Car / FOA2


Hell of a topic I know - but a lot to cover.

Joined a random multiplayer helping a Level 2 find his way but had a few moments I thought would be worth mentioning. Xbox live - with current August update.

First thing worth mentioning - the Fashionista achievement has still not unlocked despite new character and a manual 215 count on items offline. I won’t bore you with the list but its not unlocked. I’m more confident on a hotfix for it in September as previously confirmed. Nobody tracking currently through TrueAchievements.

Here’s a link to underneath Minken - its more like Aztec from Goldeneye. Somehow fell through the floor whilst teammate popped a flare outside the locked door to Minken.

Levitating hunter after a mass slaughter - sadly though not one enemy could be looted

During the course of the afternoon - after around 3 hours of solid game-play as a trio I was told about a levitating car in a farm barn mid map - that is hovering that if you interact with it from the back it fly’s off out the barn. Now I find it hard to believe this guy would lie as like i said was solid call outs, game-play and gear share - even gave away a 5* .50 Cal to the newbie we were babysitting - but would welcome any confirmed locations.

Finally, FOA2 - can be opened up but interacting with the left door - dead centre. Never seen a pop up there to open door - so maybe something in the works.


Cars can fly! (Spoiler Alert!!!) Why don’t you explore the area between Kilslagen and Kilsberget?


All doors in FOA2 opens when clicked the right place. Have you noticed that besides the silo lids on the ground, it has eight separate compartments with big doors around the perimeter. I’m scared sh!tless for what is probably about to be in this arena :fearful:


I’m not sure wether to classify the Minken video as an exploit but I’ll leave it be for now. You’re not supposed to be there though, so if you find out how to get down there feel free to post it in Bug Reports.

The FOA 2 door has been like that since April Update, though it took a while for people to discover. There’s threads all over the forum about the facility and what it’s for, etc. I made a thread when the facility first appeared, maybe it’s time to kick that off again.


It’s quite a car, I especially liked the blue bins.