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A new patch is now avalable for the Xbox One. This Hotfix will solve an issue where some Xbox players would crash on the main menu and being unable to play the game.


I updated my game on Xbox One with the new fix and my game still crashes on start up when I click sign in. I feel like I’m somehow the only one with this issue now since I feel like am the only one complaining that the patch didn’t fix anything for me. Please help?


i guess my game updated automatically, because i can go past the start screen now but it doesn’t show it was updated. but almost exactly 10-20 minutes into my game, every time, it crashes.


I habe the same problem


ya im just crashing when im in a fight with more than one enemy or a tank its like it gets overloaded with the effects or sum


Yea with this new hotfix update, I can finally play the game but when I play with the Kvm 59 machine Gun. I crash double hard now when I go against a group and keeps doing it over and over when I used it. So I’m just gonna go back too my original loud out.


I am still having the same problem only it seems to be crashing faster in the main menu than before.


My xbox never crashed before today GZ crashed 3x.


I have the same issue but with the exception of if I use a explosive gas canister or I try to pick one up after setting it down while at the airbase my game would crashed instantly or a couple minutes after they went off while luring hunters to them. I also noticed the game would crash after about 30 min.-1 hour of game play if I didn’t use the explosive gas canisters and if I stayed clear of multiple enemies.


crash after crash now after the hotfix, reminds me of the old days when the game was crashing constantly.
Hopefully the dev’s will read the messages and wonder what they have missed because their in-house testing isn’t 100%


Same issues as others. I can play but getting kicked every ten minutes. But this is progress.


Well I urge you to read the newsletters the devs put out they explain that even with testing to replicate the issues within the game that doesn’t guarantee that after the fix is made that a new problem might occur as with this patch as an example of this.


Had crashes when 4 try and play. but since suppossed hotfix game randomly crashes at anytime. in multi player and single player.


Playing multiplayer on Xbox tonight, the game had two serious issues: 1) The game crashed whenever the host would put down any deployable, didn’t matter if it was an EMP or an explosive gas canister. It’s possible this might also occur with the guests, but we didn’t try after we figured out that it happened every time he sat something down, and 2) the AI completely ignored guests in a firefight. Well, let me rephrase that-for both of the guests, the AI was not shooting at all. Even when standing next to the host player, who was actively getting rocketed, there was no gunfire, no explosions, no damage taken. The only time I died all night was from being to close to a car that exploded. This happened even after multiple reloads of the game due to it crashing constantly.


I could play many days 8 hours without crashes. Sometimes I crashed once or twice a night
Now I did the update and played 1 hour and now crashing evety 5 minuits. Playing with a friend I have crashed 4 times in the last 1/2 hour. Now I cant even get back in the game. No ryme or reason for the crashes. The game is no longer playable. Very dissapointed. Is there a way to unistall the patch?


This topic is not the right place where to report crashes on Xbox. For proper topic, please post your reports here, by following the guide in there: [Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix

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