5th Anniversary Newsletter

Greetings, Survivors!

Another year of surviving against the machine threat has passed and Generation Zero is turning 5 years old. We can’t overstate how happy we are that we’ve been able to support this game we love so much for such a long time, bringing you new content, quality of life, and of course bug fixes.

Let’s have a look at the last 5 years of development.

From the initial release of the game in 2019 to two story DLCs and 30 major updates since, it’s fair to say that GZ has had an eventful journey. It’s hard to pick any single event to highlight as there were so many impactful releases that we’re immensely proud of.


The launch of the game was, as all game launches are, exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. We were so happy for players to finally get their hands on what we had been working on for three years.

The YouTuber IGP started a series on GZ right at release, which to this day is one of the biggest factors to making it a success. His support during the first few months and throughout the years after has had a tremendous impact and we can never thank him enough for it. If you’d like to check out his series on GZ, head here.

From the initial response, it was immediately clear that we had hit the mark when it came to atmosphere, sound design, and world building. On the other hand, it was also apparent that we had work to do when it came to stability and bugs, which we got on right away.

Within the first year, we released 10 updates bringing tons of fixes alongside new content like bicycles, the storage box, rivals, and experimentals.

In November, we even released the first story DLC, Alpine Unrest, which took players to snowy Himfjäll island and posed a new threat in the shape of Apocalypse class machines. We also switched the presentation of the inventory from a grid-based system to a list view to accommodate for the new items being added.


In 2020, we slightly reduced the cadence of our updates, opting instead for bigger releases with longer periods of quality assurance. It was kicked off by the infamous April 2020 Update, which introduced an accidental change to machine AI that led to players dying left and right. To this day, we have a small and very vocal part of the community asking for the April difficulty to be added back to the game and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to take the time and effort required for such a huge change. It would certainly be fun to watch!

2020 also brought the game’s second major story DLC with FNIX Rising. It revamped the South Coast region with menacing FNIX structures and had you establish further relationships with the Resistance, which was preparing to deal a major blow to the machines. This was also the glorious beginning of Melee Weapons!

November brought us the biggest bad in Östertörn so far, the Reaper Tyrant. Watching players having to adapt their tactics to defeat this new enemy and get the best loot (yes, you get better loot if you destroy it before it self-destructs) was so satisfying for us. It’s exactly what we designed it for and we loved to see that the community enjoyed it as much as we did.


2021 was a quiet year for Generation Zero. We added repeatable daily and weekly Assignments and the Resistance Update brought base building and base defense to the game. Sadly, there was a deep-rooted issue that was discovered in that update which delayed its release by multiple months for the Xbox community. This threw a wrench in the works of our development plans, but it wouldn’t be GZ without the computers rising up against their creators. Eventually, we were able to - once again - triumph over the machines and the Resistance Update arrived on Xbox just before the end of the year.


We really picked up the pace again in 2022. Starting out with Landfall, the update that introduced Soviet machines as a new enemy faction, we kept our heads down and worked on features we had seen you request in our annual player surveys. In April, procedural base assaults gave you an ever-changing challenge and tons of new spots to build a base in. We overhauled the intro missions of the game, adding the NPCs Therese and Pontus to guide new players and introduce them to all the systems we had implemented over the years. Today, we couldn’t imagine the game without them!

This was also the year when Neebs Gaming decided to pick up Generation Zero and film a series of hilarious antics, bringing a new audience to the game and smiles to the faces of hundreds of thousands - including the dev team. We’re so incredibly grateful to them for putting their unique spin on our game and showing it to the world. Their GZ video playlist can be found here.

Fitting for a release around Halloween, we added yet another much-requested thing: A flying enemy - the Firebird. Feared for its high damage attacks and hard to hit weak spots, it instills fear in even experienced players to this day. Luckily, this update also introduced Motorbikes, a means to get away from the Firebirds (or towards them) faster and safer.

To round out the year, we had one more community request to answer: new Experimentals. With the experimental KVM-89, Revolver, and Älgstudsare, new ways of approaching combat were born. We especially loved players taking on the role of “mobile artillery” with the Älgstudsare, a dev-favorite playstyle (no, not because we’re bad at the game).


This brings us to the year that brought you Guerrilla fighter’s best friend: the Companion. Fans and devs alike rejoiced when it was adopted in July 2023 and instantly spent hours getting it, customizing it, and taking it out for dangerous walks. While we sadly couldn’t give you free choice in naming your new buddy, we made sure to include lots of options for you to choose from and have been adding more since! If you have ideas for names we should add, please let us know. There can never be enough!

Eventually, winter time came around and we made sure to include two more updates before the end of the year. With the Guerrilla Research Update, weapon augmentation was made available and allowed each player to get even more in-depth in tinkering and tailoring their arsenal to their own playstyle. The most revered Augmentation Designs are (rather unsurprisingly) Life Stealing and Oversized Clip. Who doesn’t want to fire 500 rounds from an LMG and heal themselves with it?

Finally, we added a new mode of transportation - the Flakmoped. No longer just bound to riding alone, players formed mobile assault units with the combined fire power of a small country, getting flipped over constantly - having 4 players’ physics interact with the same vehicle at the same time is too much for a system where riding a bike into a pebble at 5km/h sends you flying.

2024 and onward

So that’s it, the last 5 years of development! As any video game project, Generation Zero has had its ups and downs. We are extremely proud of the game it has become and the plans we have for it. All of this would never have been possible without the support of our beloved community - you!

Over 6 million players have joined the Resistance. You’ve destroyed machines and built the resistance. You’ve joined us during Dev Streams and created tons of content yourself. Many beautiful works of art have been created in honor of Generation Zero. You’ve also given us constructive feedback and stuck around to see us implement it over the years. Numbers cannot express the impact you’ve had on us and the game, but we can try to put it into perspective:

We are aware that having such a big player base is a huge privilege and also a responsibility. If you have been following us for the last few months, you’ll have noticed that there is a major focus on improving the stability and player experience of the game. These efforts will of course continue as we develop more content for you to play, starting with the next major update. We will keep supporting Generation Zero with new content, quality of life, and narrative in the future.

Thank you all so much for being the best community any game developer could ask for.

Special thanks go out to:

  • Our Discord moderators asidk9thorn, Dreguen, Hyäne, Major, Miles Lexicon, Rayleigh, Sgt Engee, and VioletThunder9. You rock.
  • Our Forum moderator Zesiir, for enhancing many Dev Streams with his presence and helping us keep the Forum a positive and constructive environment.
  • Our former moderators Ichi, Larz, Mirrin, Pronto, and Sanginius, for gracefully handling the influx of users during the Beta and at launch.
  • Tenebris Infinite and Wired Gaming for consistently covering GZ with YouTube videos and streams. Many would have been lost without your informative content!
  • All the dedicated artists who put time and effort into creating fanart, much of which now has a place on our office walls.

With all the love,

The Generation Zero Dev Team


Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this journey so far. It’s definitely part of what makes my life worth living, and looking towards the future.

And thanks to this fantastic community for… Well, everything.



So its almost been 4 years since we had a story DLC, are you guys really feeling good about abandoning the story to instead focus solely on cosmetics and base defence? You had a perfect opportunity to resume the story with the introduction of the soviet machines but for some reason you didnt.


They did.
There were many new pieces of story since 2022,
released with free updates.

Every day of being here has been such a privilege, thank you for allowing me to be here, and thank you to this incredible community for being one of the best around. To many more years!


I enjoyed the game more than I didn’t like it. It’s been rocky at times for me as a fan too. Hope the road continues.

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Totally agree with that.
It’s the game with my most played hours ever in about 30 years of playing video games.
And I can’t even really say why.

Finally one of the reasons I’m still here, watching the progress, playing GZ from time to time, even buying each DLC (if it’s not just cosmetic) is the forum, the interaction of the team with the community and the exchange of ideas and thoughts with some other forum members.

I even got a lovely t-shirt by one of the community events, sent from sweden right to me… And because I won’t grow anymore GZ will always be in my life, at least as long as the t-shirt lasts.

For the game I personally have some wishes.

1. Finish what you (the devs) began.
There are so many things you introduced or began with, but obviously never finished, like the mountain region revamp.

2. Continue the story and make areas accessible, that haven’t been before.
There are large spaces on some islands that can offer much potential for the story, missions, environmental storytelling or just for endless fun. Why should you waste this? There also are numerous places, locked doors and blocked paths, which could easily be used to expand the story.

3. Let us experience the evolution of GZ again.
Well, that’s probably the most difficult wish.
Although it’s an open world, there have been many events (updates) that changed this world forever and for everyone. Most changes and additions were great, but to have them all at once if you start playing (again), somehow leaves a bad taste.

I would love to have the story and the world evolving during playing the game. Storywise it doesn’t make much sense to be able to play the DLC missions just after leaving archipelago region, for example. Same counts for encounters with the soviets and many of the worlds revamps. Playing the story should give us more than just some knowledge and a trophy. If it doesn’t open up new features, abilities, weapons, skills and doesn’t change the world and the enemies, the whole story becomes more and more useless. Know what I mean?

Best example is the companion, which is great of course, but you get it in archipelago region, which doesn’t is bad at all, but the mission to get it is available from the first command bunker on. And to be true, it makes some missions of FNIX rising DLC, which takes place later, almost completly unnecessary and senseless. Like some DLC items (hacking dart) does.

I once made a try for a suggestion to improve that, which of course can be adjusted and extended:

Almost the same counts for the weapons packs.
Although it’s commendable that you want the players being able to immediatly use what they bought, I think the weapon packs should be integrated differently.
Here, too, I made a suggestion for improving the experience.


No anniversary event or anything else? 5th year t-shirt?

The event is running.
There are 5 new weapon skins.

is it still not advertised on the main menus PS4 :confused: I think game devs like keeping these events hidden sometimes lol

if you don’t use more BoomBoxes & Radios :rofl: then it’s your fault you can’t find 5 new weapon skins, people didn’t use them much before Because of the size & extra slot it requires, :partying_face: now people are going nuts throwing Radios everywhere :dizzy_face: like it’s the end of the world lol lol lol

Heavy Flash used to be exclusive to the exp Kpist. While Splash Freak and Whiplash are welcome additions, I just happened to be running the ag4 in co-op when I got all 5 skins

there really easy to get, I already got each like 10+ times already, not that I need them anymore :grinning: I just got 2 liking the radios music, with music turned off in my game, so I can more easily hear machines, :slightly_smiling_face: and throwing a radio just sounds more reasonable

5 years… man. Recently got a couple buddies to play the game again and we are playing with a set of rules to make the game way harder on ourselves (such as no self reviving , as much hud turned off as possible and having to take the command bunker in a region to be allowed to use the next tier of weapon.) Generation zero is as I have always said, a hidden gem.


Keep in mind that deactivating the POI setting also hides the new ping system markers.

But nevertheless, nice rules. It’s really good to have some mates to play with. And not just as a shooter… It’s how you communicate which makes the game most fun. Feel the atmosphere, be part of the immersion.

Yup figured that out pretty quickly. We thought it might be cool to include the ping system but changed our minds. We thought it would be more immersing if we just communicated better. Also I have found playing with the stealth indicator off really fun the machines sometimes ambush you and there is lots of yelling and screaming.

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Oh yes.
And the games sounds are quite good for playing that way. My mate had it deactivated from beginning (accidently) and he often wondered why I knew sometimes where machines were.
On the other hand I often wondered why he heard machines long before me.

So I turned the indicator and the music off … And it’s so much better since then. You can really notice how your ears and eyes become trained to hear and see the machines, even if it’s just a distant seeker flying through the woods.

(7.1 Headphones recommended)

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Btw, do you exactly know what else is switched on/off with the POI icons setting? Carni didn’t answer my question yet.

From toggling it on and off while figuring out which setting we were going to apply for our game. It removes the mission icons from hovering above buildings that you need to go to such as the first house in the beginning. Icons still stay on compass though and things like the companion which normally have an icon above their head have it removed. Don’t remember anything else as the last time I played the game was probably a year ago until we started playing again this week. Sorry I cant be much more help than that.

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I have really looked and i cant find any information about this, is it time limited, does it cost anything, what do you need to do, where do you start?