Feature request - Let the world evolve with the story


I previously wanted to post it to another topic, but it would have been misplaced and have lead the topic into another direction.

So I make an own one.


I love GZ and enjoyed every single minute of the story. And love, that it evolves with each update. There are the content and feature updates and story updates. With the story updates there often came revamps/updates of the world.

But as much as I loved these updates, there always is something like a bad taste. They always change the whole world and game for every player in any state.

So if I recommend this game to others, there always is the risk that they’ll find something different than I told them off, if they somewhat later decide to buy it.

If ever possible, I’d like to have the greatest changes to just take place at a specific moment of the story and not immediatly after starting the game.


The suggestion or idea is about splitting the experience into some kind of chapters. By this you could experience “older versions” of the world of GZ, and as you progress through the story, the world and the game change. Just like we, who are playing it for years now, experienced it.

These chapters could end or be introduced with short outros/intros… Like the intro at the start of the game, or the trailer at Landfall reveal. It could tell us that some time went by (“2 months later”, “The day after”, “early 1991”, …). Know what I mean?

I don’t mean: make the story completly linear.
These chapters even don’t have to be called “chapters” in the game. I just use it for better understanding.

Here is an example, how it could look like… And it’s expandable with every upcoming update.

Title Prerequisite
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Archipelago region
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 2 - A hostile world starts immediatly after Chapter 1
Examine and explore the world. Do what you like to do.
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 3 - FNIX Rising (DLC) available after 2 unlocked warboards, including southcoast region
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 4 - Alpine Unrest (DLC) available after 3 unlocked warboards, including forest region
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 5 - Resistance available after 3 unlocked warboards, 2 warboards completed
General changes
introduces apocalypse class machines, original experimental weapons unlocked
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 6 - Landfall available after 5 unlocked warboards, including northcoast region, 3 warboards completed
General changes
introduces soviet machines, except firebirds
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 7 - Dark Skies available after 6 unlocked warboards, including northcoast region, northcoast warboard completed
General changes
introduces soviet firebirds and related missions
Title Prerequisite
Chapter 8 - Dangerous Experiments Chapter 7 missions completed
General changes
introduces more experimental weapons

I like this idea.
And perhaps we could just have 2 or 3 “world evolutions”.
1 with no revamps and no soviet machines.
2 with some
3 as it is now ( and mountains region later)

But i see a few big problems:

  • Compatibility issues between users in multiplayer

  • Making the game more unstable and with more bugs, i have a great feeling that we would have a lot of issues knowing this game .

(If you only meant changing things in terms of chapters and not game world i will delete this)

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I don’t see much compatibility issues between users in multiplayer in general. Well, it’s GZ and everything is possible…
But if the game just shows the state of the hosts world, everything is fine. The only problem I see, that’s actually too, is that mission progress in multiplayer isn’t saved for guests.
But that would make no sense either now… There are still missions that have others as prerequisites. You cannot finnish (and save) the second before the first. Just for collected mission items it would be ok.

The game unstable? Where do you live? What’s that? :rofl: Yes, that’s always possible in GZ.